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05:11:28 AM 01/18/20
Oh, and Payne, I was 15 the first time I logged in here. I'm now 32.

So old.

05:00:42 AM 01/18/20
Hiiii! <3

You're beautiful. You're all beautiful.

03:38:54 AM 01/18/20

03:02:23 AM 01/18/20
o and squidget who even are you anymore

02:53:04 AM 01/18/20
what even is going on

01:56:46 AM 01/18/20
Not to mention the time it takes to walk trough a city. Pretty sure you couldn't walk from one end from The watch to the other in 30 seconds.

Just Miggen
10:00:42 PM 01/17/20
Characters age at the speed of their story too. It isn't always perfect, I remember when Miggen had only aged like a couple years and met with a friend who went from ~30s to full blown "it's been 84 years..." old woman, so it was awkward navigating that RP but nothing that ruined my fun or character.

07:08:09 PM 01/17/20
"Dauken flew away quickly to avoid any work."

LMAO! Perfect !

04:53:37 PM 01/17/20
I started here in my 30's, I am approaching my 50's, I am reminded of time slipping away enough as it is.

I dont really want to have it in my make believe world.

04:50:32 PM 01/17/20
Another reason I REALLY don't like anything beyond real-time.

If we followed in-game time, every NPC you like died long ago from old age, and any non-elves that are more than a year or two old are on their way to retirement.

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Author Post
02:19:40 AM 05/21/15
arrivederci, megido

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General Notes:

  • "Casterlevel" in most Thain spells includes half the character's Palemaster levels (rounded up) for arcane casters.

  • The visual effects of some spells (e.g., stoneskin, barkskin) last only a few seconds. This is to reduce clientside graphics lag

  • Resting is restricted and limited to 3 rests per 12 in game hours. The timer starts with the first rest. Any unused rests are lost at the end of the 12 hour period and you are refreshed with the base 3 available rests. An hour in game corresponds to 2 minutes real time.


Ball Lightning
Changed to operate like the Firebrand spell but cannot be targeted to the ground.

Bigby's Crushing Hand: Grapple check adapted to allow for a fairer opposed DC. Formula: Attack will now hit on natural 20, and miss on natural 1.
Caster: d20 + Caster Mod (Int,Cha) + Caster Level / 2 (4 vs PCs) + 12 (Hand Str) - 1 (Hand Size Mod) + Spell focus feat bonuses
Target: AC
Grapple Check: Caster: d20 + Caster Level (div 2 vs PCs) + 12 (Hand Str) + 4 (Hand Size Mod)
Target: d20 + BAB + Strenth Mod + Size Mod

Bigby's Grasping Hand: Attack will now hit on natural 20, and miss on natural 1
Caster: d20 + Caster Mod (Int,Cha) + Caster Level / 2 (4 vs Pcs) + 10 (Hand Str) - 1 (Hand Size Mod)
Target: AC
Grapple Check: Caster: d20 + Caster Level (div 2 vs PCs) + 10 (Hand Str) + 4 (Hand Size Mod)
Target: d20 + BAB + Strenth Mod + Size Mod

Blade Thirst
This spell has been altered to allow it to work on a par with Greater Magic Weapon (restricted to slashing weapons), furthermore, this variant can now be used upon ranged weapons (allowing the equivalent attack bonus, not enhancement) and a damage bonus added to the corresponding ammo.


Does not stack with other temporary weapon buffs.

Deafening Clang
Lasts turns/level instead of rounds/level. Does not stacks with GMW.


Find Traps
Finds traps, does not untrap them.

Flame Weapon
Cannot be cast on a weapon already enchanted with Magic Weapon or Greater Magic Weapon. Cannot be cast on most summons. Damage reduced to a maximum of 1d6+5.


Greater Magic Weapon
Cannot be cast on a weapon already enchanted with Flame Weapon or Darkfire.

Greater Sanctuary
Cannot control NPC allies while spell is active. Invulnerable while in Ethereal plane but acquiring objects drops the spell. Duration is rounds per level. Approximates SRD's Ethereal Jaunt.


Haste - Only grants +1 AC (Mass Haste is unaffected.)


Improved Invisibility
Grants 25% concealment instead of 50%

Bonus DC dropped from standard NWN to bring more in line with other level 9 spells.


The spell disables all locks of d20+caster level or below, in a 30 meter radius around you (up to DC 40). It always opens up to DC 30 when used from an item.


Mass Charm: Now functions like Charm Monster (works on all creatures).

Magic Circle Against Alignment
Grants +4 to Will saves, immunity to Charm and Dominate (per SRD)

Mestil's Acid Sheath
Damage capped to 20 + 1d6. This would make it inferior to Elemental Shield but it reaches that cap at casterlevel 10, and so is useful to mid-level and multiclassed casters.

Mordenkainen's Sword
Summons a sword construct rather than a Helmed Horror. The sword has a high AB but only one attack per round, immune to slashing/piercing/bludgeoning damage (per SRD spell Mage's Sword). Greater hitpoints if the caster has Spell Focus: Transmutation.


Damage Reduction of 30/+6 at level 20.

Power Word, Kill
As normal NWN but also does a flat 100 magical damage when creature is above the 100 hitpoint threshold.

Protection from Alignment
Grants +4 to Will saves, immunity to Charm and Dominate (per SRD)


Added alternatives shapes selected by the "/shapes" chat command or via the emote wand: Gold Dragon (alt of Red Dragon) and Celestial Avenger (alt of Balor).


Time Stop
This spell has been modified so that it does not stop the whole server when used. The duration has been lengthened and targets are invulnerable for the duration to match PnP rules. Also a VFX is placed at the caster's location to help gauge the duration; it fades 3 seconds before the spell (per the SRD).

Tenser's Transformation
No polymorph; increases caster's STR, AB, attacks per round, sets them to 100% spell failure while active.

Turn Undead
Evil clerics can control rather than turn undead.


Wall of Fire: changed damage to 2d6 + (CL/3)d6, max 8d6


Summon Spells

Summon Creature I - VI
These have been slightly detuned from their NWN default so as not to give casters such powerful tanks. However, the duration for most summons is now 24 game-hours so you have lots of time to create RP with your summons. There are also alternate shapes available by using the /summons chat toggle or via the emote wand. A (conjuration school) summon will be created with higher hitpoints if the summoner has the feats Spell Focus: Conjuration and higher still with Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration.

[ image disabled ]

The type of elemental summoned via Summon Creature VII-IX can be set via the emote wand or set back to random.

Mordenkainen's Sword

Summons a sword construct with a high AB but only one attack per round, immune to slashing/piercing/bludgeoning damage. Has AC13, AB of caster-level + stat bonus - 9 (where stat bonus is INT or CHA modifier for Wiz/Sorc respectively), can be dispelled if it hits a target with spell resistance or if struck by Lesser Dispel (least likely to succeed), Dispel Magic, Greater Dispel, or Mordenkainen's Disjunction (most likely to succeed), cannot be targeted by friendly spells (all per SRD); has 100 hit points and bonus hit points if caster has Spell Focus Transmutation.

Planar Summons

The type of summon by default corresponds to the caster's alignment. On Thain, the caster can choose the summon type (devil/demon/slaad/celestial).
There are alternate forms for the Gate summon as well, for evil (Pit Fiend) for neutral (White Slaad) and good (Celestial Avenger) forms.

[ image disabled ]

Shadow Conjurations

[ image disabled ]

[ Edited 04:23:40 PM 05/08/18 ]

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09:47:00 PM 12/15/19

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