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02:50:12 PM 02/20/20
I believe it is a blank space

02:33:15 PM 02/20/20
I'm gonna be at work til 6-7 PST, Am. I can take a look after that. Is the name a blank space or a question mark?

11:37:13 AM 02/20/20
Actually, nevermind.

11:23:43 AM 02/20/20
No real rush.

11:22:56 AM 02/20/20
@Falkala. I am still getting the "this character was created by someone else... log in with that player name to use this character" message.

04:33:54 AM 02/20/20
Lom = Evendithus.

04:33:40 AM 02/20/20
Darn, Lom beat me to my post. Could I ask a moderator to kindly move my latest post in Enter the Void to precede Lom's two.

09:39:35 PM 02/19/20
*waves to Am! *

08:59:28 PM 02/19/20
Hey Am! I'm at work at the moment, but are you getting kicked again? I thought our last fix stuck

07:13:47 PM 02/19/20
Falkala... if you see this... any chance you can help me get my doppelganger sorted in-game? Many thanks!

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Curious Rumors III
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06:35:54 PM 02/05/15
Clockwork Madness

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Previous thread here.

The city of Steinkreis was quiet during the recent nights. Sounds of the normally present stray animals and of the crickets had gone missing. Shapes and sounds could be seen moving in the peripherals of vision or the shadows of the night, to those investigating or simply walking along.

When one would pass by the sewer gratings, noises were said to be heard. Some times an odd squeak, but more often than not, it was a sound which echoed inhuman; almost ooze-like, and at other times a sound much like rubber against rubber.

Commoners tell of some going to personally investigate these rumors and never having returned. Though whether superstition or truth, no one knows. Fear lay in some of the common folk eyes.

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11:02:07 AM 02/06/15

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A strange cackling noise was heard from the adumbral woods. Two adventurers went in to investigate and weren't heard from again for a few days.

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10:20:25 AM 02/08/15
The Notorious I.N.G.

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A red flash illuminates the night sky of the Wastes on a cloudy evening. The light is seen down as far as Hamley, anything outside that radius barely sees anything. The rumors spread, but become more diluted the further south they go. Most folk play it off as red lightning, a random occurance while some people who have certainly grown negative after a lifetime on the island consider it an omen.

Alfin Vale
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11:15:40 PM 02/10/15
Be kind to each other.

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Rittermark was spotted entering and later leaving the Flying Mug by another door.

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Vic Hawklight
09:11:16 PM 02/16/15

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Rumors spread that Vic Hawklight surrendered himself to the Feywood Council for his involvement in the murder of a Feywood Maiden.

Vic Hawklight - Qui Vive Monk, Protector of the Feywood, Hero of Steinkries
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06:16:13 PM 02/20/15
capesh*t, bro
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Rumor has it that a host of demons was destroyed by a small group of heroes to the north of the crossroads. Later, another group of demons appeared and ravaged the countryside throughout the night before being banished by a red-robed wizard. After that, thing seemed to return to normal in the area - that is, skirmishes with the local goblins.

[Player] SonofMars

Gharos (Thay) Telborea Banites
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07:34:53 PM 02/23/15
I'm Watching You

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Several drunk persons in the Trade and Tackel claim that hours before dawn on a pitch black foggy night loud metallic footsteps were heard clanking across the floor of the main room, into the shop, and then out the front door. Coincidentally, a new parchment was tacked to the wall board near the sales counter.
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*Edit: Feel free to PM me here to arrange a meeting, if interested.

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07:17:23 PM 02/24/15

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Some of the soldiers of Steinkreis that board in the Barracks are surprised(maybe saddened) to see one of their bunkmates leave for a more personal residence.

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Vic Hawklight
08:59:08 PM 02/28/15

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Several of the Hamley guards were found dead along the road , their bodies were set ablaze covering the surrounding area in the scent of burning flesh.

Vic Hawklight - Qui Vive Monk, Protector of the Feywood, Hero of Steinkries
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Vic Hawklight
09:24:23 PM 02/28/15

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Later on the same evening, bodies of a few Vandal Hawks were also found burning along the road near the gates of Raven's Watch, covering the air in smoke and the smell of burning flesh.

[ Edited 10:02:28 PM 02/28/15 ]

Vic Hawklight - Qui Vive Monk, Protector of the Feywood, Hero of Steinkries
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