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Rodgr Thunderguts
03:00:52 PM 10/14/19
Soooo much turkey.... need a nap haha!

08:59:27 AM 10/14/19
And to the others who want to celebrate from afar!

08:58:24 AM 10/14/19
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to the Canadian Thainites !

12:30:36 PM 10/13/19
Nature Night begins in about 1.5 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CDT (GMT -5).
Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Dauken. Please shoot me a tell if you have questions !

10:44:10 PM 10/10/19
Heh heh heh heh heh! Yeah yeah!

03:59:08 PM 10/10/19
Vladislav! Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt more!
*Is impaled*

02:04:53 PM 10/10/19
Don’t hurt me, no more!!heart

12:31:41 PM 10/10/19
Baby don't hurt me

11:41:45 AM 10/10/19
What is love?

10:17:58 AM 10/10/19
Necro night will be starting in a little under 3 hours! Hope to see folks there!

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06:56:33 AM 07/08/14

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A New Threat

These were not normal spider bites. The venom was nearly lethal in all cases. Only a few of the afflicted Empyreans had managed to survive and even they would not be returning to duty any time soon. None of the anti-venom Idunna had on hand seemed to offer any hope. She dreaded having to report her findings knowing that this news would only bring more stress to an already stressed town still reeling from an unprovoked attack less than a year prior. So many dead, and now there was a new killer whose identity was yet unknown to the young druid.

She had come upon several of the fallen, but only after the culprit had vanished leaving no trace that was trackable. There was evidence that some of the spiders from the Rise were mutating, but Idunna could not match the lethal venom to the venom in the sacs of these large, brown mutated spiders.

[ image disabled ]

People wanted answers, but the young druidess had no answers to give. One thing was for certain. This new threat had to be identified. Something must be done and she vowed she would not stop until the source of this new menace threatening her beloved Hamley was found and stopped.

[ image disabled ]

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06:55:10 PM 07/09/14

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The Decision

All of her training at the Enclave had been focused on tending to trees and being an efficient caller of the elements. Although Idunna knew the uses of herbs and other medicinal plants, she had no training in the brewing of potions and if she was going to help the Empyreans fight against this new venomous creature, she would have to have the skills necessary to create an anti-venom.

She sought the solitude of the woods of the Song so she could think and pray. Silvanus would know what to do. He always did. For days she wandered the mountains of the Song, praying to Silvanus to guide her. He came to her as she sat quietly by a clear mountain stream.

[ image disabled ]

His solution was not without cost. Nothing of note ever is. In exchange for the knowledge to create a powerful anti-venom, she would have to forego many of he blessings he had bestowed upon her. No longer would she be a powerful caller of the elements. She would have to refocus her skills towards more pressing matters - those of helping the Empyrean Aurora keep Hamley safe from this new threat.

Idunna left the mountain solitude and traveled to the Great Library in Steinkreis. There she found a book by a potion maker named Issen N'Pring.

[ image disabled ]

Writing down the information needed to locate this woman, Idunna set out for the Drakemyre to find Issen and devote herself to learning the art of potion making. She spent many months under Issen's tutelage and progress was slow. But Idunna was determined to be of service to her beloved Hamley - her new home.

// OOC Note - Idunna has been releveled to reflect her new focus in potion making. She's pretty useless as a spell caster atm

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11:16:09 PM 07/09/14

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The Search

Armed with her new knowledge to identify poisons and create treatments against them, Idunna began her search for the elusive creature (or creatures) wreaking havoc among the Empyrean guards and unaware citizens of Hamley who ventured outside of the towns gates at night. She would start her search in the Adumbral, of course, since it was already a known source for spiders of all venomous types.

The Usual Suspects

She searched the Rise where the largest infestation of spiders was known to gather. She found no evidence there of any unusually venomous spiders. The poison sacs from these creatures were of the usual potency ranging from weak to strongly venomous.

She then turned west to search the West Adumbral woods. Not many ventured there these days and she hadn't surveyed the area as well as she had the caves and woods where the Rise was located. She entered the West Adumbral and was immediately confronted by several large Adumbral Crawlers.

[ image disabled ]

Curiosities and Wonders

She fought them off and continued her search of the wood. The beauty of the West Adumbral was breathtaking. Huge mountain streams cascaded down in thundering waterfalls which made the air misty with moisture.

[ image disabled ]

It had an otherworldly feel to it. Idunna was certain these woods were older than many on the island, but just how old she wasn't sure.

Continuing her search through the area, she came upon several unusual things. One was an entrance to a cave that was not accessible so far as she could find. It was on the other side of a deep ravine that was uncrossable on foot.

[ image disabled ]

The second oddity that she encountered was an area to the north and west of the placed called the West Adumbral Woods. She has seen something like it when she traveled to Davenshire - now Hellshire - with Cypher to check up on the Hellshire Orcs. Just a place of deep shadow which she could find no way to enter or probe with her druid skills.

[ image disabled ]

She ventured on from there heading north out of West Adumbral. She made a mental note to mention the area of shadow to Cypher later, but she was always forgetting things.

As she exited the West Adumbral woods, she was attacked by several Specters and a Wraith! She hadn't realized there were ancient ruins in this area as she had never traveled this far. After fighting them off, she walked through the ruins and wondered who had built them and what they had been used for. It was then that she came upon a sight that made her blood turn cold. Before her was a tear in the fabric of the planes.

[ image disabled ]

This was no mere shard of Rift Stone, but an entire area of the Shadow Rift that was pushing its way into Thain. She stayed only a moment to gaze into the cavernous hole being ripped into her material plane before backing away and leaving the area in a hurry.

She would need to search elsewhere for the creature and for the answers to her questions.

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02:21:46 PM 07/12/14

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The Likely Suspect

Idunna told Cypher about her troubles with the spider attacks in Hamley. He listened and said few words as he usually does. She described the near always fatal venom and the size of the bite marks. He nodded and said it sounded like a Bebilith.

"A Babylith, eh?" Wolf chimed in. I can track it. I can kill it!

Idunna pondered going after such a deadly and massive spider in its lair. They would need help. After further discussion at the Trade fire a group of adventurers formed to track and disable the spider so Idunna could take a sample of it's venom sac to compare with the venom in the dead Empyreans. There was Cypher - the Ranger, Nelie - the War Cleric, Wolf - as himself, and Zhymm with antlered helm and enthusiasm.

After the preparations were made, the party set out to track the spider to its lair. Cypher lead the way to a densely wooded area strewn with the ruins of a now lost civilization. Books, buildings, statues all lay in ruins - long faded from memory and forgotten to time. The place had an eerie feel about it which made Iduuna curious as to what had befallen such a once glorious civilization. The party trekked on through the rain until they finally came to a bridge that had skulls hanging from it. If they had not been there for a very important reason, courage might have failed them then and caused them to turn back. However, they proceeded ahead and into the cave which Cypher believed to be the lair of the beast.

Wolf put his ear to the ground upon entering the cave and could hear the movements of everything within.

[ image disabled ]

He whispered information to Cypher which was cut off in the sudden roar of battle. Just beyond the mouth of the cave, Zhymm and the War Cleric - Nelie - were attacked by what appeared to be Doom Knights. Wolf and Cypher joined the fray and the foes were quickly beaten down. Idunna could see the halfling's blades were flashing in the distance so she knew Zhymm was still alive.

They continued on through the cave until they came to a narrow corridor which led to a single door. Upon entering the room, Idunna froze for only a second, but it was enough to make a difference. The huge spider and it's caretakers set upon them with great rage and fury at having their lair breached by trespassers. The fight was long and difficult. Zhymm's blades were cutting at Driders while Wolf's axe was taking out the Bebilith's strong legs. Cypher's electric arrows flew through the air and made crackling sounds as they sunk into their targets. Idunna was frozen. She'd never seen a spider so huge and fierce. She was absolutely frozen in shock and awe of the creature.

It wasn't until she heard a yelp from Nelie that Idunna snapped out of her stupor. With lightning fast precision, the creature and snagged the War Cleric's armor in its teeth and stripped it clean off of her. Nelie fought on...naked as she was! Idunna joined the battle in the last moments as Wolf made the killing blow with his axe. Nelie ran to shield herself from the eyes of the men, casting a spell of concealment as she ran. Idunna marveled at the woman's bravery and discipline!

[ image disabled ]

She took a sample of the deadly venom from the spider's poison sac and they all headed back to Hamley.

[ image disabled ]

Later that evening, she was finally able to compare the venom from the Bebilith to that of the venom which was killing the Empyreans.

[ image disabled ]

It was not a match.

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06:09:06 AM 07/15/14

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First Clues

They were just sitting at the campfire at the Trade when Kincaid walked up. He was whistling a tune and gave a gusty "Howdy" to the people sitting there. Strapped to his back was a very large spider leg. He disappeared into the Trade, probably to do business with Bence. Idunna just blinked with surprise. Did a man, carrying a large spider leg strapped to his back, just walk through, give greetings, and walk into the Trade like it was absolutely normal to do so? Idunna blinked again.

"Cypher? Did you just see that man walk into the Trade? The one with the very large spider leg strapped to his back?"

Somehow, both Cypher and Trishee had managed to miss seeing the spectacle. Perhaps Idunna was seeing things. Surely that was it. She was tired from fighting spiders and the endless long nights of guard duty in Hamely. Yep... that had to be it.

Nope. Out of the Trade walked the man with the spider leg. He readjusted his load and was about to walk off to places elsewhere, but Idunna had to know why he was trudging around with a spider leg, what sort of spider it was, and where he had slain it.

Idunna Nistaüre: Excuse me.. Sir?
Jericho Kincaid: ...Yea?
Idunna Nistaüre: Where did... what sort of spider did that leg come from?
Jericho Kincaid: *unties the string and whips it to the front* Adumbral in some cave. Here catch....
Idunna Nistaüre: ... Oh.. no.. please. *holds up her hands defensively*
Jericho Kincaid: hehe Its dead....
Idunna Nistaüre: *wrinkles her nose*
Trishee Whisperbow: *wrinkles her nose and assumes a defensive posture*
Idunna Nistaüre: I see that the leg is dead... but what about the spider it used to be a part of?
Jericho Kincaid: I was "exploring" a cave. Damn thing crawled out of a corner on five legs.
Trishee Whisperbow: *squints*
Jericho Kincaid: Big bastard.
Idunna Nistaüre: What kind of spider is that?...... Five legs?
Idunna Nistaüre: Spiders have eight.... usually.
Jericho Kincaid: Na it had eight but the other looked all broken. Well? Not made well if you know what I mean.
Idunna Nistaüre: You mean it was born deformed?
Jericho Kincaid: *shrugs*
Trishee Whisperbow: *sneezes*
Jericho Kincaid: I know its dead deformed and the venom smelled to high heaven.
Idunna Nistaüre: Oh.. I'm sorry. I'm Idunna Nistaure... Druidess in service to Silvanus. I'm looking for a ... well perhaps it's a spider... I'm not sure. It's been killing Empyreans and I have no remedy for the venom of its bite it's so lethal.
Trishee Whisperbow: *wipes her nose with her hand*
Jericho Kincaid: Kincaid. Fighter in his own service. Thought this spider leg would make a good coversation piece. *pats the spider leg proudly* Pick up dames....looks like I was right.
Idunna Nistaüre: ....
Idunna Nistaüre: I'm only interested in where you found the spider, Sir. I'm not looking to be carried.
Jericho Kincaid: Sure sure. Ok I get ya. Anyway you can see by the size of the leg its bigger than most.
Idunna Nistaüre: Yes... quite. But not a Bebilith?
Jericho Kincaid: And here take a whiff of this. *takes out a flask and uncorks it*
Idunna Nistaüre: *sniffs*
Trishee Whisperbow: *tippy toes to look*
Idunna Nistaüre: By the gods!
Jericho Kincaid: Bebewhat?
Idunna Nistaüre: *winces and gags*
Jericho Kincaid: *hands her the flask of venom*
Jericho Kincaid: careful with that.
Idunna Nistaüre: *holds a hand over her nose* A Bebilith... it's a very large spider... deadly venom. They usually stay in ... oh please cap that......
Idunna Nistaüre: That's just... uhh...
Jericho Kincaid: *recorks it.*
Idunna Nistaüre: *swoons from the smell*
Jericho Kincaid: Nastier that Duergar Ale.
Trishee Whisperbow: *standing several feet behind Idunna, Trishee's eyes water*
Idunna Nistaüre: I've never had the pleasure, praise Silvanus.
Jericho Kincaid: *pick up Leg*
Idunna Nistaüre: *coughs a bit and waves a hand in front of her nose* Why on earth did you keep the vemom?
Jericho Kincaid: I sell venom in Hamley...they water it down and spray it on the crops to keep the bugs off. But the regular kind. they didnt want this.
Jericho Kincaid: Maybe I'll toss it.
Idunna Nistaüre: I can imagine. No! Don't toss it!
Idunna Nistaüre: If I may.... can I have a small sample? I want to see if it is a match to the venom that ... *sighs*
Jericho Kincaid: 50 gold and you can have the whole thing.
Idunna Nistaüre: *sighs*
Jericho Kincaid: *swishes it around rather carelessly*
Idunna Nistaüre: A true humanitarian you are, Kincaide.
Idunna Nistaüre: Here.... Fifty gold...
Jericho Kincaid: Yea yea...we all have landlords.
Idunna Nistaüre: *hands him some coins*
Jericho Kincaid: *hands her flask*
Idunna Nistaüre: *carefully checks to make sure the flask is tightly sealed before putting it in a pouch*
Idunna Nistaüre: Thank you for this.
Jericho Kincaid: Pleasure. Now if you don't mind....*jiggles coin* time for some Ale. And some spider stories *holds up leg*
Idunna Nistaüre: Where in the Adumbral did you find the creature?
Idunna Nistaüre: *watches as the man simply walks off* Or... goodbye.

She sat down on the bench - frustrated. It was the first clue she had had, but she still had no idea where to look for the creature. The Adumbral Woods was not a small forest and it was full of caves. Where would she begin her search?

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06:49:31 PM 07/17/14

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First Contact

Idunna's frustration turned to anger. She knew the threat was in the Adumbral, but *where* in the Adumbral? She asked Cypher, Trishee and Vic to help her search the woods. They were more than eager to help her. Vic was rather unprepared for battle as he had just had everything except his underwear stolen from his home by thieves, but with a few items donated from each person he was ready to go with them.

Cypher and Trishee lead the group. They were Rangers and skilled in tracking. However, upon entering the Adumbral from the forest path near Hamley, it didn't take skill to see they had found what they were looking for.

There were dozens of huge, mutated spiders. They appeared to stronger and larger than the normal giant spiders which infested the woods, but it didn't appear to be magical in origin. They seemed to be the product of natural selection over time which is a very slow process. Where had they been hiding all of this time while they were perfecting their species and numbers?

Cypher recommended drawing them one at a time by targeting a single spider with a well placed arrow. Idunna aimed and fired. The arrow found its mark, but instead of just drawing the one injured spider the entire mass of them responded like a single mind. They behaved more like bees than spiders. The party was overwhelmed. They retreated back to the bridge and fought the spiders from there, using the cavern below the bridge as a wall between the group of four adventurers and the mass of legs, fur and eyes that was intent on chewing them all to bits.

[ image disabled ]

They managed to fight off the initial barage and noticed that a large (Ok, Trishee... HUGE) group of the spiders was remaining a good distance away. They had dragged something and left it just beyond the bridge. Cypher noted a piece of ripped clothing caught on a splinter of wood in one of the bridge beams. Idunna's sharp eleven eyes peered into the mist of the forest in front of her, trying to make out what the shape was just beyond them. It, or what was left of it, was a man.

The group moved forward slowly and peered down at the mass of bite marks that used to be a man. The same foul smelling venom Kincaid had given her seeped from wounds in the man's body. So there was the only evidence they had. If only he could talk and tell them how he came to be where he was!

Trishee had an idea. Why not use one of those priesty scrolls and raise the man? Was it too late? Had his soul already traveled to the beyond? The risk was worth a scroll. Idunna took one out and read the incantation. After a few moments, a very terrified, and very damaged, man stood before them - blinking in the dim light of the woods. The light must have seemed blinding to eyes so long closed. Idunna took a few steps forward to begin healing the man's wounds. He panicked.

"Do not be afraid. You are safe now.", her voice soothed. "I'm just going to heal your wounds".

As she tended to his healing, the man recounted how he had been out tending the cows outside of the wall. Darkness had set in and he was having a hard time getting all of the cows back to the gate. That's when it happened. All he heard was chittering and all he saw was large shadows before the bites and the venom overcame him. Idunna sighed. She had been hoping for more information, but all this man seemed to know was that his dogs needed feeding and cows gave milk. There were times when the simple minds of the people of Hamley really did annoy her. This was one of those times. Right now, she needed to get this man behind the safety of Hamley's walls and alert Colonel Brenners of the situation. The spiders would have to wait.

After escorting the poor farmer back to Hamley, and making sure he was settled in at his home, Idunna spent some time matching the venom from the flask Kincaid had given her to the venom which killed the Empyreans. It was a match.

Now she needed to tell those in charge what she knew. She went to the Hamley City Hall to speak to Col. Brenners

[ image disabled ]

Sir? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Hamley has another threat you should be aware of.

The Colonel let out an aggravated groan, but he told her to tell him what she knew.

Idunna spent the next half hour explaining to the Colonel everything she had discovered so far about this new venomous menace.

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01:32:52 PM 07/18/14
capesh*t, bro
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The Colonel could confirm that cases of poisoning had increased around Hamley. Some cases were lethal, others simply worse than what they were used to. Priests and healers had their hands full with the aftermath when ever a pack of spiders emerged from the woods in search of prey. He also mentioned that a stranger who had taken up residence in the inn had been of some help in treating the victims of spider poison.

[Player] SonofMars

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08:37:29 PM 08/02/14

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The Snake and the Spider

He called himself Dale Gunderman; a wanderer who lived off the land and knew much of how the natural and arcane worlds worked and wove together to create magnificent splendor, or unimaginable horror. He had become Idunna's newest asset in her search to find the source of the mysterious spiders and the amazingly toxic venom their bite inflicted.

She had given him a sample of the venom she obtained from one of the spiders in the Adumbral and he had run tests on it at Iss'en N'pring's lab in the Drakamyre. What he found made no sense. Spider and snake venom in the same substance? Surely Nature could not be responsible for such a thing. Could it?

Dale said he did not know, but when Idunna mentioned that there were Yuan Ti dwelling near Crater Lake which was close to Hamley, he suggested she take a party with her to investigate and see if there was a connection. Yuan Ti are, after all, half snake.

She made the arrangements with a group of adventurers shortly after her meeting with Gunderman. Knight Errant Korvallis and his newest recruit, Vic, would accompany her as would Furin, Marsolis, Sillia Goodman and, of course, her new friend Corvus Albus Corvax. Idunna had hoped to find a Yuan Ti who was willing to speak to her about the spiders. Perhaps it had been a mistake gotten out of control and they needed help to set it back right?

The group set out and upon reaching the caves they were met with immediate hostility. The further they went into Yuan Ti territory the more Idunna noticed obvious signs of an increase in Yuan Ti numbers. Either they somehow knew in advance the party was coming, or they were gathering for some other reason.

The fighting was fierce. Talking seemed not to be an option which meant that answers would be few to none. On the second level of the Yuan Ti stronghold, they found something they did not expect; a nest of small but very poisonous snakes of the Cobra variety. Furin, Korvallis and Idunna all tried to catch one and take it alive, but the snakes were so quick and agile that the group finally had to have Marsolis send a volley of arcane missiles to kill them off. Once they were dead, Idunna took out a small knife and carefully cut near one of the fangs to drain some of the venom into a vial. That's when it happened. That same putrid smell that was something between sulphur and rotting corpses filled the cavern quickly and was so overpowering that it sent the small group fleeing to escape the odor. But Idunna had her prize. She had her first proof that there was a link between the spiders and the Yuan Ti.

[ image disabled ]

Now to find a Yuan Ti who would speak to her...

Or were they working with the Drow to create a hybrid to be the foci of an alliance between their two races?

[ image disabled ]

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02:28:10 AM 08/13/14

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The Snake and the Spider Charmer: Part I

Idunna Nistaüre: Oh.. Mr. Gunderman!

Corvus Albus Corax: *chirps and tweets* (animal) how are you?

Dale Gunderman: *squints, clears throat, and does a bird-imitative greeting in return*

Empyrean Aurora Crusader: *smirks*

Idunna Nistaüre: Corvus has a binding, Mr. Gunderman. He can not speak in anything but bird, but he says hello

Dale Gunderman: Oh. Figured it wasn't by choice. I'm not great with birds. I can generally tell what they're doing, but a conversation is a stretch.

Idunna Nistaüre: I have a sample for you. We did find snakes in the Yuan Ti caves... and the smell of this... *hands him a bottle* will run you out of large places so be careful when you open it.

Dale Gunderman: Oh, look at that.

Idunna Nistaüre: Hrm?

Dale Gunderman: *swirls the sample around in the bottle*

Idunna Nistaüre: *tilts her head curiously* What is it? *still not very good with her potion skills*

Dale Gunderman: *waves one hand around the vial, the other holding it*

Idunna Nistaüre: *watches*

Dale Gunderman: Oh. I think I can see what has happened here.

Idunna Nistaüre: What is it?

Corvus Albus Corax: *doesn't seem interested, but follows his every move with his eyes*

Dale Gunderman: The mutated spider poison is a hybrid.

Idunna Nistaüre: *frowns and looks disappointed* So my former kin did lie. The drow and the yuan-ti are up to something

Dale Gunderman: Oh, yes. Oh course. The drow.. and the yuan-ti. *nod nod*

Idunna Nistaüre: Oh this is terrible news, Dale. And it isn't possible that the snake bit a spider at some point? No... that would only affect one spider. I'm reaching for answers I think we all are. *smiles*

Dale Gunderman: Well, uhm... At any case, what has happened is clearly that this new hybrid posion has found its way into the basic makeup of this spider type. And it is replacing the lesser spiders due to being more effective.

Idunna Nistaüre: So mixing the two venoms would create an antidote that could help my Empyreans? pardon.. antivenom

Dale Gunderman: That it would indeed.

Idunna Nistaüre: *smiles* I'm relieved. I'll get to work on that with Issen as soon as possible.

Dale Gunderman: If you get the mix right, you will know that it works. Once you have that... you can just replicate the antivenom with magic.

Idunna Nistaüre: Oh. That will be Issen's category. She is the mage.

Dale Gunderman: Oh yes. I heard she has some trouble at the laboratory, though... *scratches chin* Had, rather. Sabotage, I heard.

Idunna Nistaüre: *blushes* Well, I did have a batch explode. Perhaps that was it?

Dale Gunderman: Could be. Rumors, you know.

Idunna Nistaüre: Oh .. yes. Always.

Dale Gunderman: If this antivenom proves effective, I guess the Empyreans will be at the advantage once again, and the spiders will be butchered. *glances towards the forest*

Idunna Nistaüre: No... just the ones that try to attack Hamley. The Empyreans don't actively hunt them in the forest.

Dale Gunderman: No? I have seen their remains in spiders lairs. Armor, weapons...

Empyrean Aurora Crusader: The spiders are attacking us. Mind your tone, -stranger-

Idunna Nistaüre: What do you recommend, Dale?

Dale Gunderman: *clears throat* Oh, hum.... well, we have to save the people, of course...

Idunna Nistaüre: The spiders are unnatural to begin with. They multiply quickly and grow so big because of the taint from the tear in the Shadow plane that permeates the Adumbral. Their numbers will never diminish completely as there is no way I know of to fix a rip in a Plane.

Dale Gunderman: Are you sure that is why?

Idunna Nistaüre: Not really, no. But I suspect that is the case.

Dale Gunderman: I mean, the rift thing probably causes there to be big spiders. But what's the advantage of being a big spider?

Idunna Nistaüre: I don't really know all of the history and there isn't anyone left to tell me of it. Maybe because they grow unnatural in size they have a need for bigger food.

Dale Gunderman: Bit of a chicken and egg situation. But I'd say that the bigger spiders are more numerous than the smaller ones, because they are better at competing with humans, and other races of people.

Idunna Nistaüre: Well, yes.

Dale Gunderman: In this particular case it looks like something has helped the spiders along.

Idunna Nistaüre: So we need to balance it out, but my fear is that I will over correct.

Dale Gunderman: *seems to somewhat favor the idea of helping the spiders along - though is careful not to openly declare it*

Idunna Nistaüre: Well, I suppose we need to find out what that is and see if we can remove it to bring balance back

Dale Gunderman: Yes, of course. You have a start with the antivenom there. That will help people who are in harms way.

Idunna Nistaüre: I don't want to see Hamley destroyed, nor do I wish to see the spiders destroyed, but something must be done to stop the frequency and potency of these attacks. Putting more men in front of the problem is leading to more dead men. *ponders* I will finish up the Anti-venom and send you a note. I'll leave it with Jonan inside the Roadhouse. Until then, speculation will get us no where and I feel as though I am wasting your time. You've been such a great help to me.

Dale Gunderman: Oh. Um, you're not wasting my time at all.

Idunna Nistaüre: I'm glad *smiles*

Dale Gunderman: I mean, the peasants would be in a bad place without your findings. *does not seem to be lying about this part*

Idunna Nistaüre: *smiles* I just wish I knew how to heal the rift to see if that would bring the Adumbral spiders back to a normal size. Anything the size of a common house spider after two years of crawling through webbing the size of houses would be a relief.

*pause as Mr. Gunderman continues to fidget*

Idunna Nistaüre: Mr. Gunderman? Are you being completely honest with me?

Dale Gunderman: *clears throat* Why, what do you mean?

Idunna Nistaüre: You just seem nervous.

Empyrean Aurora Crusader: I think she's right. Looks downright shaken to me.

Dale Gunderman: Well, ah... *glances around*

Idunna Nistaüre: Mr. Gunderman?

Dale Gunderman: As a fellow scholar of nature you know it's very complex.

Idunna Nistaüre: Is there something you need to tell me? You can trust these men.

Dale Gunderman: Thins can easily be... misunderstood, by a wider audience.

Empyrean Aurora Crusader: Nature. Beautiful, until the cows eat it. Not so beautiful after they're done with it though.

Idunna Nistaüre: *chuckles* Shall we go to the Inn?

Dale Gunderman: Aye. I've changed my mind about the inn. I know a better place.

Idunna Nistaüre: Oh?

Dale Gunderman: Come stand close to me, and I will show you.

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The Snake and the Spider Charmer: Part II

Dale Gunderman: *they arrive by magic, and the whirlwind of leaves settle eventually*

Idunna Nistaüre: Where are we?

Dale Gunderman: A place better protected than a building raised by the hammers and nails of men.

Idunna Nistaüre: *smiles* True. But those men are part of the balance too, Mr. Gunderman.

Dale Gunderman: I think I can trust you. The both of you - if you forgive my cynicism, I don't think my words will be relayed by chirping.

Idunna Nistaüre: No. He understands you, he just can not answer

Corvus Albus Corax: *chirps and smiles*

Idunna Nistaüre: May I sit? The flora is so soft

Dale Gunderman: Aye. I was willing to let you believe the drow and yuan-ti were responsible... but it's much too dangerous to go after the drow. And I'm not a good liar either. Not good with people in general.

Corvus Albus Corax: *smiles understanding*

Idunna Nistaüre: Go on.... *tilts her head that he didn't say this before* I'm glad you are saying this, though. I am relieved it is not drow. I am also not very good with people, so you are in good company.

Corvus Albus Corax: *chirps and nods in agreement*

Idunna Nistaüre: *smiles at Corvus*

Dale Gunderman: I'm a man of nature, as I said. But nature is deeply complex, in layer upon layer.

Corvus Albus Corax: *chirps* (animal) like an onion

Dale Gunderman: A wizard, with his arcane studies, would even fail to grasp it.

Idunna Nistaüre: *nods*

Dale Gunderman: What I specialize in is not rituals, or thanking the spirits of trees and wolves and what-have-you. I study what nature has made, what it is made -of-. Sometimes... I change it.

Idunna Nistaüre: *quirks a brow* Change it.. how?

Dale Gunderman: Simply put, take the spiders.

Idunna Nistaüre: *blank face of shock*

Dale Gunderman: Even when they are conceived, as eggs, it is decided what they are. You can't tell, but -something- makes it so that a little egg will grow into a creature with many legs, and poison, and so on - there's a design from the start. Over a long period of time, certain spiders survive better than others, and the spider population changes slightly, responding to the environment. But that's very slow. I made some radical changes.

Idunna Nistaüre: *sighs* You should not have done that. Time is the most important element to the balance of nature, Mr. Gunderman.

Dale Gunderman: I wanted to make them better and stronger, and I guess I did. But I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt!

Idunna Nistaüre: Well, they have. *sighs* And now we have a new breed of spider that is interbreeding with the native population. What did you hope would become of these new and better spiders? That they would gain civilization as men do?

Dale Gunderman: I'd give nature a jump ahead.

Idunna Nistaüre: You are a mortal. It is not your place to meddle in the affairs of the gods. Even if you don't believe in the gods, Nature herself has an order, a balance that is so delicate.. so fragile.... You of all people should know that.

Dale Gunderman: Delicate and fragile indeed - easily cut asunder by iron swords, burnt to crisp by arcane fire. But that's neither here nor there. The experiment has to end.

Idunna Nistaüre: *looks at him with sympathy of his plight* Men do complicate balance, do they not? With their iron swords and arcane fire? But you are right... this must stop.

Dale Gunderman: As the situation is, others have taken an interest; Thayans. They are extremely powerful and anthropocentric, and they have plenty of both weapons and firepower.

Idunna Nistaüre: Ahhh... So the circle reveals itself. I was told there was a Thayan asking about me. I did not understand why at first, now I understand

Dale Gunderman: They will find the truth, and I would rather the problem be solved in our way, before they solve in their way.

Idunna Nistaüre: Yes... which would be to butcher every spider right down to web and egg. I can not allow that.

Dale Gunderman: Which is why I will tell you what I know.

Idunna Nistaüre: I wish you would have told me sooner. If the Thayans are moving, then I am ill prepared. I do have an ally... a Thayan mage who no longer serves the Red Wizards.

Dale Gunderman: I wouldn't worry, yet. They don't know what I do, and I can keep out of reach.
Idunna Nistaüre: As you wish. But I'm still not sure what I need to do.

Dale Gunderman: You should now the mutated spiders have a single source.

Idunna Nistaüre: Indeed? Where?

Dale Gunderman: Yes. One female, a spider queen of sorts, that I tailored from many of the strongest components of arachnids and serpents. She is very potent, and dangerous - but her offspring is sterile.

Idunna Nistaüre: *nods understanding why* Hybrids often are sterile. I can't believe I didn't check that property of the creatures. *wipes her forehead in afterthought*

Dale Gunderman: Yes - I failed to account for that. If she is killed, the mutated spiders will die out.

Idunna Nistaüre: Where can I find her? I will need to summon help and prepare.

Dale Gunderman: I should be able to track her down for you in a couple of days...

Idunna Nistaüre: *nods* Then I shall prepare a group of those I trust.

Dale Gunderman: There is an alternative way.

Idunna Nistaüre: Go on.

Dale Gunderman: I could make an... alteration.

Idunna Nistaüre: *sucks in a bit of air at the revulsion she feels at that idea*

Idunna Nistaüre: What sort of an ... alteration

Dale Gunderman: If given the right injection, she could be -changed- not to produce the deadly poison.

Corvus Albus Corax: *worried look*

Dale Gunderman: The apex spider would not have to be destroyed...

Idunna Nistaüre: So she would just be a normal spider.. producing heirs that can not reproduce? She could live out her days and die in dignity? I would prefer that, if it is possible.

Dale Gunderman: Well...

Idunna Nistaüre: *feels another shoe about to drop*

Dale Gunderman: I can't make any guarantees. Nature usually finds a way. But the special poison will definitely be history.

Idunna Nistaüre: Then if I don't kill the apex spider, I will have Thayans to deal with Oh... gracious.... *sighs*

Dale Gunderman: *takes a deep breath* A risky choice for you then. I imagine they would help you kill her, if you asked them. Turning the disadvantage into an advantage.

Idunna Nistaüre: I will need to think this over. The idea of a new spider that was created through artificial means... just ... Or kill it and not allow nature to have it's way. Those are some choices, Mr. Gunderman. *looks at him sternly for the mess he's created*

Dale Gunderman: You'll have to chose - if I could solve the problem myself I would have. But I fear, meeting my creation, I wouldn't be able to do anything at all.

Idunna Nistaüre: You're saying you might not be able to inject her?

Dale Gunderman: I can't trust myself to do it.You'll have to take care of that.
Idunna Nistaüre: ....

Corvus Albus Corax: *chirps and tweets* (animal) maybe we could prepare 2 or 3 special arrows to inject the spider from a distance, and then make a run for it.

Idunna Nistaüre: I will have to ask Silvanus what to do. I have not the wisdom in this matter.

Dale Gunderman: I hope your god has something to say, then. Let me take you back.
Idunna Nistaüre: Thank you *worried face* Thank you for telling me the truth

Dale Gunderman: Just... be discrete. You know how people are.

Idunna Nistaüre: I will get started on the anti-venom at least until the population can be put at bay.

Dale Gunderman: I'll be in touch when I have a location.

Idunna Nistaüre: Very well. Thank you for your time, Sir.

Idunna Nistaüre: *just stands in the rain... stunned*

Corvus Albus Corax: *pats her on her arm, as if to say, everything will be alright*

Idunna Nistaüre: Thanks.. but I can't honestly see how everything will be alright ... now.

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