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04:14:14 PM 02/27/20
The anti has been raised!


03:57:55 PM 02/27/20
Felicity would pay 400k If someone pulled that off. Just sayin'.

03:13:30 PM 02/27/20
.. damn, tips must be good at the Tin Tankard. where do I apply ?

02:43:42 PM 02/27/20
....payment from Felicity. Apparently she has the most money, other than Lianna...

02:32:08 PM 02/27/20
Tin Tankard will sponsor the event, 100k to whomever kills Kallista and throws her into Blackrock Prison.

Must be a prisoner to collect, no fake kills.

02:03:34 PM 02/27/20
That's just cruel!

12:46:29 PM 02/27/20
I predict explosions

11:27:38 AM 02/27/20
It's a very early GMT morning.

11:02:27 AM 02/27/20
Oh... yea.. 18 hours and the fact that it says 06:00 GMT+1 in the post. Didn't notice that untill you asked now. I'd say it's a morrning session for us GMTers. A shame I have to get to work.

10:13:53 AM 02/27/20
Wait, is that 6 as in 06:00 or 18:00?

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12:18:29 PM 10/02/19
Jungle Law Enforcerer

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Third Time is the Charm Pt. II

Elith and Cuchuwyn travelled south, determined to reach the depths of the Gis'rantha's temple, swiftly they moved through forgotten passages and caves. Along the way they talked a more, trying to ease the pressure of the journey. Elith knew that a dwarven druid was an uncommon sight, yet his surprise grew even more when he understood Cuchuwyn's connection with some of the elements. So much for preconception, the world never ceased to amaze him.

At one point, though, talking became too dangerous. They travelled in silence through the depths until they reached the caves underneath the temple.

Once arrived, Cuchuwyn slowly shifted in the shape of a water elemental and began to carefully examine the water, attuning himself to it, trying to separate the poison from the waters.


The noise was the familiar one of bowstrings released, when the arrows appeared they passed straight through the watery shape of the druid. He turned toward Elith and shook his head: obviously it wasn't possible to achieve anything while under fire. Turning his back to the sorcerer, the druid dashed off deeper in the caves and Elith followed.
Using illusion of darkness and deafening noises, Elith made sure that whoever saw them couldn't follow; many of the Gis'rantha would have had a terrible headache upon waking up.

The escape lead Cuchuwyn and Elith into the crypts of Syann, where they decided to move somewhere quieter in order to try and gather a sample of the poison: the cave of the spirit of Elisara. The poison of the forest had spreaded even within the cave, once a safe haven.

Quietly but swiftly, the two moved through the settlement, reaching the main gate then the forest proper. From the settlement perimeter they turned south and few hundreds meters later they reached a small glade filled with crazed pixies and a large cave going deep into the mountain side. Without wasting time, the two went in.

In the peace of the cave, the dwarven druid shifted his form again in one of a water elemental and began to examine and separate the water, trying to distill the poison. It was a long and taxing process for Cuchuwyn, likely as it had been for Elith, until, finally, in front of the shaopeshifted druid there were two large balls of water gently floating middair: one was crystal clear, the other characterised by a green, sluggish shade.

The elemental turned toward Elith and nodded, pointing to the greenish water bubble: beyond that point it was necessary the use of the arcane to further split the spell. The sorcerer drew closer and begin to mold the weave, trying to breach through the water and separate it from the posion itself; slowly, the water began to split from the greenish substance.
It was a matter of a moment when, suddenly, the green substance broke free from its melting stage and flew directly toward Cuchuwyn, as if looking for a new host.

Elith was too slow to react, luckily the druid wasn't: quickly, he placed the bubble of clear water in front of him, using it as a barrier against the greenish particles rushing toward him; istantly the the green particles mixed with the water, giving it the familiar sickly green colour.

The druid and the sorcerer looked one another and, this time, they made preparation. Elith focused on the stones on the ground, molding the weave in order to give the pieces fitting shapes: if united they would fit perfectly, preventing the poison particles to slip through; meanwhile Cuchuwyn shape slightly shrinked in size and a soft breeze surrounded him.

Again, Elith began to breach through water and, this time, when the poison particles broke out, the sorcerer tried to enclose them within the stones. It was easier said than done though: the particles would swirl and change direction costantly, as if trying everything to avoid capture; Elith was beginning to feel the strain of the spell when a soft breeze came from the shapeshifted druid. A swirl of air sucked in all the particles within the rock container, with a last effort, Elith quickly condensed the rock around the particles, leaving none out.

As the small round rock hit the ground, it trembled and shook slightly but it seemed to hold its contenent.

Elith looked down on the small rock and then heard coughing, looking up, he saw Cuchuwyn bent and coughing hard. The druid raised a hand.

-Nothing to worry about, it required some effort to generate air from water. I will be fine soon-

Elith nodded and looked again toward the small rock container and picekd it up. Holding it, he felt the thing vibrating slightly; as Cuchuwyn stopped to cough, Elith offered the small rock to him.

-Please, for now, keep it for me and see if you can understand something without letting it free, I will think of a way to make it possible to study it. With you it will be safer than with me-

The druid nodded and took the slightly trembling stone container, together they went out of the cave and the druid disappeared in the forest.

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Raven - Weaveborn. Dead and feasted upon by Razorfangs.
Death of a sorcerer

Elith Sianicen - Baelnorn bound in eternal service to Elisara.
The Newcomer - Enough of the Order : the consequences for others , and for Elith (Poisonwood Traitors, a small role, but great impact on the old elf) - The Walls and the Pain - The path to Freedom - Greenwood Chronicles
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09:23:30 PM 12/15/19
Jungle Law Enforcerer

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The White Walls Pt. I

The paths leading on top of the Hammersong mountain were steep; the snow made the ascension even harder. Grunting, Elith shoved more snow away from the path in front of him. Luckily, the sun was shining and the cold was somehow tempered by its presence.

A sybil in the air, followed by loud clang on the Sorcerer armor made Elith turn.

Terrific, just terrific.

Behind him a large number of Orcs were gathered, following his footsteps or, more likely, the large trail he left in the snow.

Elith sighed, he was not interested in the fight, too much blood was spilled in the last few weeks within Greenvale, firstly to lift the curse and then during the battle. In the latest occasion the gates of Greenvale were litterally flooded with Fey blood. The cleaning took him incredibly long and some of the stains on the walls and the massive doors just would not go away.


As two more arrows bunced off the Sorcerer plate, his thoughts were interrupted and he was forced to focus on the present moment.

Squinting his eyes, Elith managed to follow the arc of more arrows coming toward him. They lead roughly fifty meters behind him, exactly underneath an icy ridge.
Focusing on the weave, he created a large blade of extremely hot air and sent it off, cutting the the edge of the icy ceiling. The screams and squirms were muffled by the loud thundering noises of the cliff falling over the creatures.

Shaking his head Elith resumed walking, thoughts swirling in his mind.

First, the curse. Dele and Lady Amana offered mportant insights and made me conscious of the possibilities beyond the simple passing of time. Funnily enough it was in the book of a drow that I found the pieces that, linked together, would eventually allow to locate the focus point of the curse.

It was ironic how one of Mora'chel actually contributed to the failure of the armies led by the Master's trusted general: Kallista. I suppose one more reason for her to nurture her hatred for her kinsman in Mora'chel.

Still, the timing could not have been more perfect than that. The Duchess had warned many of us about the plan of the Master imminent attack and if the curse would have not been lifted by then, doom would have been certain. I do wonder what happenned to her but I digress...

Sliding on the ice, Elith almost fell in the snow and a thunderous curse echoed on the slopes. Quickly, he looked around, worrying that someone might have been in earshot. Seeing none he resumed the slow ascension along with his thoughts.

In his a mind a succession of images take form, as he remembered the recent events, as the cold mountain air tickled his face.

After activating the spell, the search of numerous places with anomalies in the city began, forcing the ones gathered to split. Eventually, one of the groups found the Curse focus and destroyed it, freeing Greenvale.
Just in time, one would say, to prepare the defence of the city and tell apart friend from foe.

Days later, the battle itself was bloody and split in two.

Inside the city's white walls, guided by the Celestial Draxus, a group was running and fighting the corrupted creatures from the Fey Realm: Garrik the flaming Bear; Brazik the winged walking mountain of muscles; Iskaria the Wingless; Dele the Brave, Pip the Storyteller, Styvn of the Tel'Varanturie and Jachal "Shadow Guide" Ashby.
There weren't many with the Sorcerer but their task did not seem difficult: close the portals opening within the City and prevent the Darkfey from opening the gates from within.

The other battle was fought at the City Gates: the bulk of the elven forces were with Gram the Quiet, Lily of the Keepers, Renneleth the Huntmaster, Agneta the Tempuran, Jiztroyr the Kralshaman, Tauredhiel the Kind, Torothir of the Heartwood, Master Garanthes of the Celestial Order and Pippa the Shadow Jumper. Together they defended the walls against the seemingly endless waves of creatures.

Everything started at sunset, horns were heard and rifts were suddenly thorn open.

The first one opened in the proximity of the Academy Tower, from the gates, where the base camp was set up, they quickly ran. They had to face creatures of endless winter, twisted dryads, icy bugbears, along with twisted Satyrs, some of which wickedly enhanced, in both size and strenght. The Bear opened the way, carving many bodies open, while the others followed, trying to halt the enemies as best as they could while weakening and thinning the lines of the creatures costantly spawning from the rift.

Reached the rift, Elith and Iskaria would try to rebalance it, focusing the weave in order to close it. The warriors and the archer would protect them from the Fey crawling thorugh the Portal. From the other side of the rift something was costantly fighting the efforts of the two and, even when joined by some of the Academy students, they all struggled to stitch the rift shut.

In the end, the first rift was sealed shut but all were exhausted.

In that moment, a runner appeared, calling them all back to Draxus' field Encampment, few Darkfey seemed to have appeared and reached the City core. Without pause, they ran, once more. Reached the Encampment, the group saw as the creatures were held back by the Estels and, without ado, they joined the battle once more, defeating the ones appeared.

-It must have been the Vanguard- called Draxus, -Another Portal, in the north, Go!-

So they went as something in Draxus voice restored them and granted a new and unexpected vigour. Panting, the defenders reached the second rift, in the northern side of the City, the white wall of the city holding still but all to familiar noises where coming from the other side.

Jachal disappeared in the shadow of a tree to reappear a moment later on the bastions' top looking toward the north. A moment later he disappeared again and reappeared from the same tree shadow.

-The Gis'rantha joined the fray. And the Fey Portal is heavily guarded, we need to reach the other side of the wall to fight them and close the rift!-

The Poisonwood had been loyal to its pact and sent warriors, druids and clerics to aid the corrupted Fey in battle.

Offered with two portal stones, Jachal created a passage through the shadows that lead outside from the wall. When the defenders appeared from the portal they all attacked the creatures defending and pouring from the fey rift. Axes, swords, arrows and spells not merely at the ready but already flying and swinging. The inital surprse of thr Feys gave few moments necessary to gain the initial upper hand.

As they fought, more and more elves of the tainted woods appeared and the situation grew dire. It was terrible but it had to be so that Elith directed his spells against his kin: the feeling of wrenching away their life was terrible, their emotions and memories crushed on him, leaving him befuddled. Even though misguided and evil they were part of the People Elisara entrusted him with.
The backfire of the spell left him completley motionless and at the mercy of the Fey Monstruosities coming from the portals. Fortunately, Iskaria's melodies brought him back on the present. With watery eyes He continued to to fight, channelling the weave, once more, toward the rift.

Brazik and the Bear held the first line, their axes cutting the creatures, giving back with renewed strenght every hit they would receive on their shields and not even the towering Sylvans could withstand the their prowess. Elith was astonished when, together, guided only by their instict, they moved as one: first they went for the creature's knees, then with a swift motion for the arms as soon as they touched the ground and finished him with a swift movement, cutting of the goatish head. Dele was at the side of the warriors and would fight using her rapier with incredible expertise, no mail was tight enough nor skin hard enough for it to be pierced. Often, despite the mind would not feel the fatigue large cuts and bruise would appear over the bodies of the the two stalwart warriors. She, channelling the healing powers of the Seldarine, would heal them, as if the White Dove himself was guiding her hand.
Styvn would rain arrows faster than the eye could follow and, more then once Elith saw how two or more arrows were planted deep in the various creatures eyes, as they screched in pain and unable to heal. Jumping from tree to tree and to the bastions, the quick elf gave the creatures no quarter, anger and revenge was burrning bright in his eyes. Jachal would jump in and out from the shadows, knives at the ready, slicing the throats and the tendons of the many creatures, no corner was safe for the corrupted Feys and the was no blind spot, Jachal was everywhere, protecting and destroying. Channelled through music and melodies, Iskaria's and Pip's weave art would costantly inspire and keep at bay tiredness and and fear, inspiring courage and strenghtening everyone's resolve. Despite the seemingly impossible odds Hope would always be there, in each and everyone's thoughts and heart. More over, when in danger and struggling with the rifts, the two bards would unite their own spellcasting to the Sorcerer's making it possible to shut the rifts opened.

As dawn came, the portal was finally closed and silence fell but, that silence was not meant to last...

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Raven - Weaveborn. Dead and feasted upon by Razorfangs.
Death of a sorcerer

Elith Sianicen - Baelnorn bound in eternal service to Elisara.
The Newcomer - Enough of the Order : the consequences for others , and for Elith (Poisonwood Traitors, a small role, but great impact on the old elf) - The Walls and the Pain - The path to Freedom - Greenwood Chronicles
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11:25:12 AM 12/18/19
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// OOC I might have forgotten some of the participants, do send me a message on Discord, so that I can add your name! Same goes for mispelling errors!

The White Walls. Pt.II

...The silence lingering in the City was broken by a loud explosion coming from the royal tower, no doubt the portals in the throne room offered a mean to directly approach Queen Yu'syu.

Shoved aside by a running Draxus, Elith barely managed to keep his balance and to follow the Celestial; surronding the Sorcerer there were not only the ones who fought by his side within the walls but even those who were defending the outer gates.
As one, they entered the palace and saw Draxus running up the stairs leading to the throne room. The defense of the tower was strenous but the creatures appearing were many. At every corner and corridor the floor was littered with the bodies of the elves fallen in defence of the Queen.

As the large group ran through the seemingly unending stairs of the tower, the noises became louder and louder.

Upon reaching the wide throne room, the towering figure of the leader of the Darkfey was locked in battle with Draxus and Queen Yu'syu, who, despite her wounds, showed to the many assembled the meaning of fearless combat.

In but a moment, everyone mustered what little strenght was left and charged against the Master, aiding the Queen and her celestial guardian.

The battle was chaotic, creatures would appear from smaller rifts, torn open by the Master magical powers, and more often then not, the weave behaved unpredictably, harming friends and foes alike, making the Sorcerer focus his powers against the lesser creatures and offering what protection he could to those locked in battle with the Master.

The power of the Darkfey leader was something unearthly: time and time again Elith tried to understand the magic and spells used but their complexity simply defied his understanding.

Brazik, Lily, Dele, Gram, Jiztroyir, Renneleth, Tauredhiel, Iskaria, Pip, Garrik, Agneta, Torthoril, Styvn, Jachal all of them dodging for what they could the spells slung to them, while climbing over the massive figure, trying to reach for the vital points as he too smashed and moved, summoning costantly his own corrupted lieutenants.

Costantly the defenders would circle around, attacking and retreating, slowly taking advantage of every moment offered to them. Until, finally, a tremendous scream of pain and agony coming from teh Master filled the air. Recognising their General's voice, the corrupted Feys rushed through their portal, their morale shattered.

Still, the wicked creature had one more card up his sleeve. Before he would touch the ground he directed one last spell toward the Queen, almost sending her flying away and out of the Chamber's terrace.

Barely, she managed to cling to the hedge of the building, dangerously dangling. She was helped up immediately but as the Queen climbed up, surprise and shock appeared on the faces of all those present: the last spell of the Master stroke true, and the what was once Queen now had the shape of a Green Dragon.
Details of the nature of the spell were unclear, but the spell casted resembled very much the same curse that afflicted the whole City, except, this time, it was centered on a single person and therefore far more potent and hard to dispel.
Still, Elith worried that some part of the Master might have found its way to the Queen's body, in order to preserve, at least partly, its own life.

The Queen decided that her trasformation would have been no secret to be kept, at least starting from the next day: ruining the celebrations for the victory and the rituals for those who did not manage to survive had to be avoided. The City of Elisara needed to know that all was good and the Enemy defeated, the cost, for now, to remain secret.
The gathered understood and disbanded, each to their own dwellings and Elith toward the Academy, tasked to find a solution to the lingering curse afflicting the Queen.

On the way to his study though, yet another surprise was waiting for him, quite litterally, just around the corner...

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Raven - Weaveborn. Dead and feasted upon by Razorfangs.
Death of a sorcerer

Elith Sianicen - Baelnorn bound in eternal service to Elisara.
The Newcomer - Enough of the Order : the consequences for others , and for Elith (Poisonwood Traitors, a small role, but great impact on the old elf) - The Walls and the Pain - The path to Freedom - Greenwood Chronicles
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07:21:18 PM 01/15/20
Jungle Law Enforcerer

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The White Walls Pt. III

What do you mean, you let her go?

Are you crazy?

She will continue to kill and destroy!

What did you have in mind? I should kill you right here and now!

Elith blinked hearing the commotion. Master Garanthes was lined up on a nearby wall, surrounded by Dele, Brazik, Iskaria, Agneta, Torthoril and a massive half orc about whom Elith heard from the Fighting games, Ralzok his name.

Listening, the Sorcerer gathered that Master Garanthes had allowed the drow witch Kallista to escape and avoid certain death. Despite the many voices against him and the heavy word "Traitor" many times repeated, the Wizard managed to explain the reason of his actions.

Elith listened to the words and tried to understand the meaning behind them, putting together the few encounters he had with the Drow sorceress.

Master Garanthes was no fool, there was wisdom and cold calculation behid his actions: the Drow Sorceress was unifying the Darkness and Cahos under her command but she was not immune to defeat as the past showed how she was not infallible.
And she was ambitious: she would keep trying to hold her ground even when new menaces and evil would arise, fighting them to keep her place and command the darkness of the Darkfey or of whatever being would attempt to arrive on the Prime. And why? Because she would do that to gain the means to descend back in the Underdark as a Conqueror.

But worse evil than her were lurking in the darkness and the shadows and she barred the way, whe mas in the middle: strong but not invicible, tenacious but able to betray if needed to survive and most of all capable of keeping the worst of the darkness at bay. Keeping her alive would have meant that there would have been someone else in between, if nothing to keep her place and not be substituted.

Still, as Master Garanthes spoke, for just a moment, there was a glimpse of saddness, exhaustion and hope in his eyes. The reasons of his choice troubled him very much, he looked extremely tired, way more than any other who had fought for the all night and part of the day against the Darkfey.

Elith asked, few times, trying to calm the tone of the discussion if Master Garanthes saw something that most were not pry of. Alas, he did not give any hints or reasons.

Still, Acanthus Aranneus Garanthes was a man of good heart, it was possible that he simply took pity on the woman behind the name of Mora.

Some wanted easy justice, to pin him to the wall and be done with it, others asked for a severe trial and the gallows. Elith shook his head listening, the wizard was a good friend and a person of good heart, he was no traitor. He discussed the case, it was painful to see how Master Garanthes, nay, Acanthus was looking, pale faced and quietly waiting for his destiny to be determined.

In the end, the Wizard's life was spared but he was to leave Greenvale.

Together the Sorcerer and the Wizard walked to the Gates of the City and parted ways, the same sad light was in the wizard's eyes all the time, he was thinking, hoping to have made the right choice but ready to accept the consequence of his actions.

Still, despite his words, Acanthus' mind and heart were not at ease.

As the wizard walked off, Elith shook his head, the Master's forces were defeated and it was time to start to write the epilogue of the Darkfey; the first loose end was a cursed Queen.

With the image of Acanthus walking away, Elith reached the end of the path and a relatively large plateu appeared in front of him. The Sorcerer headed north and reached a small cave. Once inside, from a frozen pond, he took one of the crystals lying in the water and smiled. Carefully, he placed the folds of his cloak, making it disappear. Quickly, as he entered, he went out once more, the cold wind stinging his face.

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Raven - Weaveborn. Dead and feasted upon by Razorfangs.
Death of a sorcerer

Elith Sianicen - Baelnorn bound in eternal service to Elisara.
The Newcomer - Enough of the Order : the consequences for others , and for Elith (Poisonwood Traitors, a small role, but great impact on the old elf) - The Walls and the Pain - The path to Freedom - Greenwood Chronicles
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10:47:05 AM 01/24/20
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Above the ninth circle

As the sun dawned over the white walls of the Fair City of Elisara, the old sorcerer picked up from the inbuing kiln of the halls of enchantment a sphere of the size of a melon. The item was dark with lines of white swiftly moving around the surface, it seemed almost alive.

An abstract from the new diary of Elith Sianicen.

As an anbjurer I was always interested in creating and sperimenting with new spells, this specific one, though, could offer a solution to the remainders of the Darkfey presence in Greenvale.

Despite my attempts, I could not enhance properly any kind of curse removal to be powerful enough to wrench away the presence of the curse within the dreconic scale that Queen Yu'syu offered me the night of the battle against the Master, thus I had to attempt something far more decisive.

This spell has a very ominous and foreboding name "Superb Dispelling". I heard about it when I was very young and still lived in the Hand of the Seldarine, in the Spine of the World but since then and its destruction its existence was lost to time.

Or at least, I thought so until now.

In the treasury of the Bagnorn Holdings, I found a book held by the Demilich Zirindhar, in which, interestingly enough, the spell was mentioned and mocked, as no mage in his right mind would spend so much time and resources in order to cast it, as it would have meant, basically, the destruction of anything magical.

Afterall, mages were mages because they desired more magical power, even from defeated enemies.

In simple words, this highly sounding "Superb Dispelling" was a perilously enhanced version of a Mordenkainen's Disjunction that would affect a specific target, stripping away all the magic existing on the creature.

Of course, theoretically, the spell is simple enough to cast, channel enough arcane power, recite the formula and voilą, effect desired obtained. Of course, there was a reason while it was not attempted (other then the very noble one of preserving the existence of magical memorabilia), in fact the caster would suffer a serious magical backlash and a large part of his essence would be consumed.

In this specific case, moreover, a contingency needs to be put in place in order to absorb the superior magical power channelled and avoid that the magic inherently belonging to the Queen of Greenvale, being her an elf, could be destroyed and effectively kill her. Not to mention, that, if the spell escapes control, it could target something in the city and if it targets what sustains the city it could destroy it actively succeeding in what the Darkfey attempted and failed.

So far I created the component necessary to the creation of the spell: a concentrate of arcane power that would act as a focus while channelling the raw arcane energies necessary for the spell. Now, though, I have to acquire something able to absorb the magical power in excess and act as safety switches in case something goes awry.

There is only one thing that I know that could absorb that great amount of energy. Crystals from the Prison of the World Eater Avatar. Those things are capabale to absorb all sort of energies.

To be sure I will have them checked from any taint, to avoid surprises at the last moment. The contingency, will be empowered by the Fragment of Star, it should offer enough energy and activate, draining in the crystals the magical power seeping away or escaping from control.

An expedition to the lower planes seems inevitable. Hopefully word will spread fast enough.

Closing the diary, Elith watches the sphere on the desk and frowns.

-Couldn't I have been faster and intercepted that curse?-

//OOC Saturday, 25 january 2020, at 21,30 GMT +1, Elith will travel to the Abyss to retrieve the Crystals, those willing to come are welcome to do so! For RP reasons, I would like to avoid Too many rests, 1 rest every real time hour should work! Casters, do watch your spellslinging! The meeting point will be in Greenvale at the Harbour!

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Raven - Weaveborn. Dead and feasted upon by Razorfangs.
Death of a sorcerer

Elith Sianicen - Baelnorn bound in eternal service to Elisara.
The Newcomer - Enough of the Order : the consequences for others , and for Elith (Poisonwood Traitors, a small role, but great impact on the old elf) - The Walls and the Pain - The path to Freedom - Greenwood Chronicles
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10:18:31 AM 02/14/20
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Gathering Components

The old Sorcerer toyed with one of the three small crystals recovered from the Abyss, they all reeked of rift energies; even holding it made him twitching his nostrils. He could feel the foul energies attempting to consume him.

Slowly, he put the crystal back in a wooden box and closed it, applying sigils to avoid it to be opened. He expected that recovering them would have been difficult but he did not expect the demons to rally in order to prevent his efforts to succeed. Still, what was was done, and for good.

Indeed, they all fought and managed to return alive on the Prime but, as time passed, Elith worried that it was all for naught, unless he could find a way to cleanse the crystals from the taint of the Rift.

-How, though? These cursed energies are so strongly attached to the crystals and so powerful that every attempt to disperse or to annhilate them turned it into a complete waste of time and effort!-

Frustrated he kicked a book lying on the ground, on the cover it read: "The Weave, the art of the wizards and the sorcerers' mockery" by Alam'rahc Rathet.

Watching the flying arc of the book, the old sorcerer shook his head.

-If the rift energies became part of the crystals, perhaps a dispelling would not be enough- Letting out a muffled gowl, Elith narrowed his eyes in the direction of the book.

- I need the help of a Trasmuter, hopefully Master Dian...-

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Raven - Weaveborn. Dead and feasted upon by Razorfangs.
Death of a sorcerer

Elith Sianicen - Baelnorn bound in eternal service to Elisara.
The Newcomer - Enough of the Order : the consequences for others , and for Elith (Poisonwood Traitors, a small role, but great impact on the old elf) - The Walls and the Pain - The path to Freedom - Greenwood Chronicles
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