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02:33:00 PM 05/03/15
Carl Orff apparently rather rests then takes parts in feuds.

02:08:58 PM 05/03/15
Wow, thanks, seems like I missed a few things. I so love to follow the Carmina Burana, yet it seems I missed a few things.

01:55:22 PM 05/03/15
Less one R in the Orf naturally

01:54:23 PM 05/03/15
The Carmina Burana> Carl Orrf is music to my ears

01:49:59 PM 05/03/15
A language not quite forgotten, unfortunately (it's a long story)

It's (german) medieval latin from the Carmina Burana, from one of the texts that Carl Orff didn't use.


01:49:31 PM 05/03/15
Thanks for the Cheers from your side. Did not really think anyone would understand but I guess I was wrong.

01:37:29 PM 05/03/15
Yes! Thanks Ronaover.

12:38:29 PM 05/03/15
I would like to add a song in a language long forgotten. Simply because I think the beauty of it should be remembered.

12:21:45 PM 05/03/15
*Hands Thimns a huge fly-swatter*

04:40:46 AM 05/03/15
I'd like to report a bug. During nap time! Damn winged beast.

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