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07:15:22 AM 02/06/16
Event postpone for two hours. Shortage of europeans.

05:18:25 AM 02/06/16
Heya EcoTec! Did you melt yet?
Am I glad to live in the cold north with 30C and water temperatur of 27C.

05:57:14 PM 02/05/16

05:42:03 PM 02/05/16
Toolsetting soundtrack. -Clickedy-

01:12:28 PM 02/05/16
@Traveler: At least you made sure the point came across.

01:09:03 PM 02/05/16
Besides the 40 days and nights of rain, Genesis 7:11 also describes at the same time from the abysses of the earth the subterranean ocean burst its way upwards.

Hope you're getting the better of the fires Eco. Last I heard we had sent some of our firefighters to join yours. Seeya in game!

01:01:33 PM 02/05/16
Don't know how I managed it (not enough coffee I guess) But I quadruple posted to "Consequences of Death" thread.

I deleted content of the bottom three. Any DM want to delete the spurious ones? Thanks!

12:27:37 PM 02/05/16
Although I lied a bit on that "here in Finland" part as I'm in Tallinn, Estonia right now.

12:26:04 PM 02/05/16
In bible,

when it rained 40 days and nights straight, it was considered a major disaster, pretty much next to the end of world kinda stuff.

Here in Finland,

we call that summer.

12:16:31 PM 02/05/16
might not be back quite so quickly corlupi don't want up ...

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