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Rodgr Thunderguts
01:45:44 PM 12/10/19
No, just normal fighting, two of the abilities work and two don't. Thanks Squidget

01:09:55 PM 12/10/19
I have seen that bug with cooldown-based abilities before, but I thought I squashed it. Anything in particular you were doing when you activated the abilities?

Rodgr Thunderguts
11:21:33 AM 12/10/19
Yeah it's weird it is just two of the skills, I tried resting, re-logging etc etc, it is still the same the other skills reset after about 30 seconds

11:02:28 AM 12/10/19
@Rodgr: That sounds like way too long - even for a low level monk.

Rodgr Thunderguts
10:40:15 AM 12/10/19
Anyone ever had the monk skills take 8000+ seconds before you can re use it, only happening to two of them, never played a monk before so I wasn't sure if that is -normal- ? Thanks !!

07:43:47 PM 12/09/19

06:17:10 PM 12/09/19
Can you post a screenshot of the error you are seeing? Or are you seeing one?

06:15:31 PM 12/09/19
Hi if you have a chance ,icant get into Beamdog,thanks

03:54:58 AM 12/09/19

12:34:51 PM 12/08/19
Nature Night begins in about 1.5 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CST (GMT -6).

(Be aware of the Daylight Saving Time Voodoo that changed recently ! )

Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be missing the event today as I attend a work event. Cuchuwyn, the great Druid of Water and The South will be leading The Calling today !

(Many thanks, Cuch ! )

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Author Post
02:42:25 PM 01/28/10

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// If your character is somehow affiliated with the feywood, travels the area often, or otherwise would notice the difference. Then feel free to post here. //

The trifles of men was something she rarely cared much for, but the fact that the lands of her kin was being encroached upon by gnolls, that -her- game was being slain in order to sustain those foul creatures. Well, it was something she could not tolerate.
<div class='spacer'>[ image disabled ]</div> A prayer to selune in order to bless her hunt was spoken before the altar in the stronghold. A days trip into the woods led her to the moors taken over by the beasts, and so the hunt began.

She found a good hiding position, overlooking a small camp and waiting for the marauders to return from their raid. As the first footsteps made themselves apprarent to her, she could discern the presence of a fourlegged among them. She notched three arrows and whispered to them. A soft red and yellow glow indicated the fiery enchantment was active, and so she loosened them at the gnolls, preserving the animal due to a flicker of hope telling her it would turn from its evil ways of servitude once its masters were no more.

<div class='spacer'>[ image disabled ]</div>

[ image disabled ]

"Speak in anger and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret"

Emperor Arcturus Mengsk I to his son, Valerian Mengsk.
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Thranduil Greenleaf
07:28:46 PM 02/25/10

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Styvn had been noticing the tracks of a new Gnoll hunter in the forests of Feywood for several weeks. He'd followed them into the moors, and into the swamp. He knew the tracks were made by an elf, but not one who's tracks he'd ever encountered before. The new hunter had made many trips, but he had seen only tracks.... not who was making them. Today that would change.

As he was standing next to one of the great trees in the Stronghold adjusting the string on his bow, he noticed an elven woman he'd never seen before, leaving Wild Wants. He wouldn't have thought much of it until he glanced down after she passed and noticed her tracks. He knew those tracks. He quickly finished the adjustment to his bowstring and set off after her. He was in luck... she was headed north into the moor. Now he would have a chance to observe this new Gnoll hunter, and see what she was all about.

The fact that she regularly hunted and killed the Gnolls pleased him, but he wanted to know why she was doing it. What was her motive. Was it just for personal pleasure? For the small amount of treasure the Gnolls kept lying around? Or was there another reason? Today he would find out. When the time was right, he would confront her and ask her. But for the time being, he would stay in the shadows as he followed her, and he would watch.

Styvn-elf, Tel'Varataurie. -Clickedy- (player loggin = Thranduil Greenleaf) -Clickedy-

Roklynd Elendili-half elf, servant of Mielikki. (player loggin = Kun tao)

Theven Nimblfingers-halfling, lock & trap master. (player loggin = Gregor Wyrmbane)

Bob Johnson-human, large meat shield. (player loggin = Kun Tao)

Bor'el Greenleaf-elf, healer, priest of Corellon. (player loggin = Kun Tao)

Edan Amandil-human, healer. (player loggin = Gregor Wyrmbane)

John Smith-human, blacksmith. (player loggin = Gregor Wrymbane)

Rosco Underhill-halfling, "Underhill family" hit man. (player loggin = Gregor Wrymbane)[/color]

Kings are fools, and nations of men greater fools, to do the bidding of such men and be commanded by their pettiness.... and to die for their whims.
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06:00:54 AM 02/28/10

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The trip into the moors was fairly uneventful. Oblivious of the eyes watching her, she strolled into her huntinggrounds and begun her work. Black fletching was loosened in a steady stream towards the gnolls, felling them with little trouble. This continued for a few hours before she noticed the arrival of a secondary fletching beside her own. The arrows were expertly made, and she never doubted a second that it was the work of another elf... Humans were simply not capable of this. She never saw the benefactor in person, only the results of his work. A massive amount of arrows riddling every gnoll. Basically turning it into a pincushion. The other archer had a differring style to his hunt than she had. It would seem to her that the amazing frequency by which arrows left the bow was more to pin the target and cause the maximum amount of pain before killing.

This person operated out of hate. A loathing for the gnolls far stronger than what she had seen among others. The knowing that the archer was -apparently- on her side brought a sense of peace to her mind, but the fact that she could not observe the archers actions was unnerving, bringing it all to an unstable status quo. She worked her way into the gnolls fortress and with the occational assistance of the unseen one, she pushed farther than usual and nearly annihilated the entire garrison. Hopefully, it would take some time for this infestation to recuperate, she thought.

[ image disabled ]

"Speak in anger and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret"

Emperor Arcturus Mengsk I to his son, Valerian Mengsk.
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