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03:05:25 PM 01/17/20
I agree about the absurdity of conversations that last two days and two nights. but in terms of age - especially long-term characters - passage of time throws up interesting questions.

11:09:33 AM 01/17/20
Yeah, it's all subjective and based on the story being told.

10:11:19 AM 01/17/20
*Points to Dogberts comment*

This is the way.

01:11:39 AM 01/17/20
I prefer to use real-time, myself! I don't imagine any of my characters have really had 4 day conversations, for instance.

08:29:10 PM 01/16/20
It should be noted though that time is a nebulous concept at best on Thain. The answer to any question about how much time has passed between two events is always "however much time is most interesting for the story".

Thranduil Greenleaf
08:18:58 PM 01/16/20
I did the math on that about 10 years ago, and if it hasn't changed, 1 year RL is equal to about 30 years game time on Thain. So, 12 years RL would be about 360 years on Thain.

08:05:23 PM 01/16/20
What's 12 RL years in Thain years?

05:51:49 PM 01/16/20
code? Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start?

05:40:58 PM 01/16/20
You know, this Melphaecto woman may be a bit harsh, but she at least has a code.

03:31:27 PM 01/16/20
Vaurin is looking like the hero we all need after all.

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04:28:34 PM 12/29/09
capesh*t, bro
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Gharos wrote ...
I have been writing the document I spoke of. Let me know what you think. I know it is not fully finished, but the island is torn apart and I can not focus on the task as much as I should.

The four principles

The principle of law
Law exists to guard the liberties of men. Therefore laws will be created and revoked to achieve this purpose.

The principle of democracy

The people create all the wealth and power of society; therefore they have the right to elect their leaders. Each citizenís vote has equal value.

The principle of shared power
To balance the needs of the public and the maintenance of the principles, and to prevent any man from becoming too powerful, power is to be shared between three institutions. The Council of Tribunes, the Senate, and the Consul.

The principle of liberty
Any man is free to speak his mind, to write what he desires, follow the trade of his choice and participate in public assembly freely.

The institutions

The Senate

Membership in the Senate is life long, and can only be revoked if the Senator breaks the law in a severe way. The Senators are the guardians of the four principles. The Senate conveys to manage the day to day government of the Republic. Senators are chosen by their peers. How to choose the first Senators remains an open question. The position requires great wisdom and integrity.

The Council of Tribunes
Tribunes are elected each year. The Tribunes protect and advocate the interests of the people. The Council of Tribunes votes whether to implement new laws. Laws that pass the vote of the Tribunes are examined by the Senate. If they are found to violate the principles, the Consul calls for a public assembly and the people vote directly after both sides present their claims.

The Consul
A Consul is elected each year. He is the head of state of the Republic. He is chosen by the people. The Consul presides over the public assembly, represents the Republic in diplomatic matters and is the supreme commander of the army.

Read, and spread the word.

[Player] SonofMars

Gharos (Thay) Telborea Banites
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