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05:11:28 AM 01/18/20
Oh, and Payne, I was 15 the first time I logged in here. I'm now 32.

So old.

05:00:42 AM 01/18/20
Hiiii! <3

You're beautiful. You're all beautiful.

03:38:54 AM 01/18/20

03:02:23 AM 01/18/20
o and squidget who even are you anymore

02:53:04 AM 01/18/20
what even is going on

01:56:46 AM 01/18/20
Not to mention the time it takes to walk trough a city. Pretty sure you couldn't walk from one end from The watch to the other in 30 seconds.

Just Miggen
10:00:42 PM 01/17/20
Characters age at the speed of their story too. It isn't always perfect, I remember when Miggen had only aged like a couple years and met with a friend who went from ~30s to full blown "it's been 84 years..." old woman, so it was awkward navigating that RP but nothing that ruined my fun or character.

07:08:09 PM 01/17/20
"Dauken flew away quickly to avoid any work."

LMAO! Perfect !

04:53:37 PM 01/17/20
I started here in my 30's, I am approaching my 50's, I am reminded of time slipping away enough as it is.

I dont really want to have it in my make believe world.

04:50:32 PM 01/17/20
Another reason I REALLY don't like anything beyond real-time.

If we followed in-game time, every NPC you like died long ago from old age, and any non-elves that are more than a year or two old are on their way to retirement.

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12:25:10 PM 02/10/09

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J'redd had already completed a few shifts on guard outside the walls of Hamely. He knew these would be hard times for the people until the construction was complete, but on reading one of these posters he was suprised, and also conerned. This could not be good.

Then he was drawn to how the poster was signed "The Villagers of Hamley"? This didn't seem right, surely any order to close the gates of Hamely would come from Colonel Banners?

Either way he ripped this particular poster down. After all, at the very least it was a blatant act off fly-posting.
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Thranduil Greenleaf
05:14:39 PM 02/10/09

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Styvn had picked up one of the propaganda leaflets and read it several times. He didn't believe it was something Colonel Bennars would have permitted to be distributed, but they were littering the entire island. He decided it should be brought before the council, and they could determine whether or not anything needed to be done about it.

[ image disabled ]
[ 1145_council.jpg ]

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Rosco Underhill-halfling, "Underhill family" hit man. (player loggin = Gregor Wrymbane)[/color]

Kings are fools, and nations of men greater fools, to do the bidding of such men and be commanded by their pettiness.... and to die for their whims.
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07:31:41 PM 02/10/09

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A letter appears by courier addressed to the Feywood Council and appears to have been written by a child.

"Dear elfs,
My mom says these Hamleys people were supposed to help us so I can be strong and be a Knight one day. Please dont hurt more people and kill them for wanting to help. Dont you ever want to help hungry people too? My mom says you take a long time to think, but its ok. I wrote this slow.


Athelas -Damage Incorporated
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07:47:10 PM 02/10/09

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Garnes sits in Davenshire, reading a note during a small gathering at Ma and Dem's, occasionally scowling, just as a hin swipes it to read. He turns to eye the hin and levels a glare, speaking in a low even tone, ripe with contempt.

"Go get your own? I was trying to read thank you. It happens I am a human, and the matter of an island starving concerns me."


All eyes turned to look at the man eyeing their kin, and watched the hin's mouth drop as he continued to read, paying Garnes no mind. Again, Garnes spoke, reaching his hand for the note.

"I would assume the Feywood Council and the whole of the elven race must be in league with the village of Davenshire? Food prices did soar after the freeze of Hamley. Enough that you all have profited and are rebuilding and expanding.. and yet.. not being slain mercilessly. Interesting. I wonder if the rest of the island will find it amusing or if they will group your people as leagued with the devil Amel also? I would think you should all be protesting.. and yet.. as I look at your overstuffed bellies and festivities it seems I am closer to the mark than away from it? You should be ashamed, all of you. There are people starving and dying and your friends the elves will be making you look even more culpable, and you party still."

He stands and strides out of the tavern, a clear look of irritation on his face.

Athelas -Damage Incorporated
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08:07:39 PM 02/10/09

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Garnes makes his way to the gates of Hammersong, still thirsty and irritated and decides it best to wash the ire down with a good dwarven ale. He strides through the halls and pushes the large wooden doors of The King's Beard open and takes in a lungfull of smoke and ale and grease, nearing a smile with anticipated relief on the way.

He flicks his fingers to Uri, motioning for 2 flagons as he sits in a far off corner near a one legged old dwarf. He leans back attempting to relax as a loudmouthed dwarf stands on the table and reads aloud the same letter he just lost to the possession of a hin. He sighs, as again, the eyes turn to the only human in a gathering of short people who notice such things.

The dwarf hops down and offers him a full flagon, clinking it and spilling some over Garnes. It was irritating him further, though he tried to not show it, as his mind went to wonderment what was happening as the dwarf began to speak.

"We doona trust those pointy ears neither lad. We tolerates em cause they been around and don't cause no trouble in our Halls. Drink up, if'n yer folk be hungry, they can make more ale to fill up on"

Garnes looked at the dwarf, then back to his mug, then back to the dwarf again. "You do realize the grains you ferment for your ale are coming from Hamley and the note says they are supporting just themselves now. Right?"

Garnes drank the ale and slipped out as tables, chairs and dwarves flew.

[ Edited 02:11:27 AM 02/11/09 ]

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08:21:17 PM 02/10/09

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Coincidentally at that moment, Willow's own mind turned towards Davenshire as he retreated into the dark Adumbral forest after lurking with discontented squeaks as he watched the work continue near Hamley, with a rat's dark shining eyes.

He knew there in the south, that the folk of Davenshire paid the price for their reliance upon the magic of the gnomes that sought to force the crops to grow even more than the true seasons willed .. at least that was what he felt. He remembered speaking with Peter to the villagers, that had spoken of the aid of the strange gnomes newly resettled in that commune of halflings some seasons before, and had given to Davenshire the ability to allow them to grow the food required in recent times.

Within the small rats brain as it scampered eastwards towards the forests of Feywood, Willow's thoughts returned to familiar paths .. it was his considered opinion that some of the arcane magic used by the gnomes .. for their skills seemed as far from Nature's path as any could be from what he had learned .. had incurred the wrath of the earth itself.

Scratching himself assiduously as a small flea nipped his hind quarters, the rat that was Willow knew that Davenshire paid in the rising ferocity and size of the stingers that tunnelled and burrowed in the caverns below their village. Such prosperity that they now accepted might well be as hollow as the husk, unless they paid attention to Nature's ordinance, and perhaps even the Blind God's followers that also lived beneath the village deep in the land.

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06:01:15 AM 02/11/09
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Firithi returned to Hammersong to aid the dwarfs in their patrol of the mines. As the elf walk through the city, she noticed that some dwarfs hushed their voice as she walked past and there were also a few glares in her direction. Just a few people here and there, nothing too obvious, but there was enough to catch her keen eyes.


After the patrol and a few battles with the duergars, the slightly weary elf entered the barracks looking a few of the guards who were familiar with her. Initially, they were reluctant to talk, but finally one spoke up and told her of the incident a few days ago in the King’s Beard Pub.

“Fi, so is wha dey say iz tru’? ‘em elfies of Feywud behin’ tis attac’s on Hamle’?” one of the dwarfs asked her.

Firithi looked at the dwarf for a moment and answered, “I have fought these creatures that attacked Hamley. I have seen them with my own eyes. They were shape-shifters. There were two of them in the attack that night.”

“These are no elves. They are no more elves than drows are elves,” she paused before continuing. “Or anymore than a duergar is a dwarf.”

“No, my good dwarfs, these are just a small band of zealous wild druids.”

“If anything, the elves of Feywood are the ones most capable of thwarting these attacks.”

“As to why would somebody want to turn the island against Feywood?”

“To promote strife? To prevent Feywood from lending aid against these attacks? To settle a grudge? Who knows?”

“What is certain is that if the settlements are to starve and the people are at each other’s throat, some people stand to profit immensely. Merchants. Specifically, seafaring merchants.”

“You don’t have to think very hard to determine which groups have both the motive and the resources to take advantage a situation like that.”


Firithi decided to do some investigation work after having read the posters elsewhere on the island previously. After all, a human could not just waltz into Hammersong as he pleased. A human who incited a brawl inside Hammersong would stick out like a sore-thumb.

She began interviewing a few guards who were drinking in the King’s Beard at the time. She asked them whether they knew the human’s name, whether he had any distinguishing features or spoke with any accent, and otherwise any clues that could help to identify him.


Falkral Deldukr - Steward of Hammersong - Redemption
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07:25:04 AM 02/11/09

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"Well.. he din look no more strange than ye do yerself Fi. He's human, an' looked it. He really were quiet, an spoke plain enough. Really he din say much o' nothin 'cept about us gettin grains locked out from us. That's when the fellers went mad. Me an Gorn here had te jump up and try and stop em. That were the third brawl this week. Them damned greys been havoc on patrols, so tensions be high. As fer what he had on...some chain armor, silver. No helmet, but he had 'is hair pulled back like a sissy. I din see no scars, so he prolly don' get out much. Hope that helps."

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09:46:38 AM 02/11/09

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Talla stood before the council, note in hand, a look of complete disgust covering her face.

"These humans are utterly reprehensible.

As I have told you, I was not backing Amel. Although he /did/ ask me to join his cause. I simply spoke with him and talked him into stopping the blood shed until I could speak with Colonel Bennars.

*pause as the council no doubt asks some kind of question*

"I hate to admit it, but Amel was correct when he told me that the humans of Hamley would not listen to other options. I hope it was not out of line, but I discussed the abilities of the druids and how they were able to warp the wood and take what they needed without killing the trees. The Colonel seem uninterested by this. He seemed more apt to turn and shed the blood of Amel and his cohorts than to try and come to some sort of an agreement. He even mentioned how we, the elves of Feywood, did not come to their assistance went they bent nature to destroy the dragon. It seems the humans along with their short lives have short tempers."

*The red-haired elf lifts the parchment and reads it once more before letting it crumple in her hand.*

"I fear what will happen if the humans attack the Stronghold. I do not believe it will come to this, but they act so quickly, one never knows."

To the world you may be just one person; but to one person you may be the world.
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12:54:28 PM 02/12/09
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With little lead to follow, Firithi made her way north back to the crossroads.

As she walked up to speak with Bence and a gust of wind came through the door, something on Bence’s notice board caught the corner of her eyes. She lifted up a notice to get a closer look at the ripped remains of an old note underneath. Firithi tapped her delicate finger on the note as she searched her memory. Her eyes widened as she remembered something. The elf almost knocked over a human as she rushed out of the Trade.


Firithi travelled swiftly north to Feywood. She sat beneath a tree as she scribed a letter. Written in flowing Elven, the letter wrote:


This is Firithi, you may remember me as the Ar'Tel'Quessir who was travelling with Pilininge outside Feywood a few weeks ago.

No doubt, you have been made aware of these notices posted around the island claiming that Feywood is involved in the attacks on Hamley. I have a sneaking suspicion that these are more than disgruntled villagers, but some organised group who is deliberately causing strife among the people on this island. Discontent is brewing among the population, even as far south as Hammersong.

My suspicion is confirmed when I remembered that there is a High Priestess of the Black Hand on this very island. The more I think about it, the more sense that it makes. There can be no other. I cannot recall her name off hand, but it should not be difficult to find out. She was hardly discrete as she openly left her name and title in a notice on Bence’s board. Her followers may be harder to track down though.

I offer Feywood my services on this matter. As someone who is unaffiliated with Feywood, it may be easier for I to perform certain tasks. You can either leave a message here in Feywood or I can be found south staying in the Trade.

May Corellon Larethian guides us and protects our people in these dark times.

Firithi Vilanea
Firithi folded the letter and handed it to one of the druids. “Could you please give this letter to Talla of the Tel’Varataurie when you see her. It is important.”


Firithi scribed another short message in Elven and travelled west to Hamley. She entered the village while it was dark when most of the villagers would be asleep. She left the message on the door of the Keeper’s guildhall, warning the Keeper Celeste to keep an eye out on the potential involvements of the Banites. She left Hamley quickly afterwards.


Falkral Deldukr - Steward of Hammersong - Redemption
Firithi Vilanea - The Broken Arrow
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