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05:11:28 AM 01/18/20
Oh, and Payne, I was 15 the first time I logged in here. I'm now 32.

So old.

05:00:42 AM 01/18/20
Hiiii! <3

You're beautiful. You're all beautiful.

03:38:54 AM 01/18/20

03:02:23 AM 01/18/20
o and squidget who even are you anymore

02:53:04 AM 01/18/20
what even is going on

01:56:46 AM 01/18/20
Not to mention the time it takes to walk trough a city. Pretty sure you couldn't walk from one end from The watch to the other in 30 seconds.

Just Miggen
10:00:42 PM 01/17/20
Characters age at the speed of their story too. It isn't always perfect, I remember when Miggen had only aged like a couple years and met with a friend who went from ~30s to full blown "it's been 84 years..." old woman, so it was awkward navigating that RP but nothing that ruined my fun or character.

07:08:09 PM 01/17/20
"Dauken flew away quickly to avoid any work."

LMAO! Perfect !

04:53:37 PM 01/17/20
I started here in my 30's, I am approaching my 50's, I am reminded of time slipping away enough as it is.

I dont really want to have it in my make believe world.

04:50:32 PM 01/17/20
Another reason I REALLY don't like anything beyond real-time.

If we followed in-game time, every NPC you like died long ago from old age, and any non-elves that are more than a year or two old are on their way to retirement.

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Contract: Revenge
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06:18:53 PM 02/02/09

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Walking amidst the woods after a fortuitous meeting within the confines of Mers' small cottage, Willow considered just what he should write to the Diamondeyes.

He had entered there to shelter from an unseasonal downpour, and Willow had found also amidst that cottage a gnomish woman known as Salla. As they spoke companionably, and peered out at the weather, Willow learned she had not travelled to the isle alone but along with her companions had a small adventuring business. The name of the Diamondeyes had been in his mind once before after reading a scrap of paper found once upon the edges of Steinkreis, he remembered. Explaining his commission to this woman, Willow then pledged to formally seek her companions aid in seeking out that which he felt sure must be found.

Willow had considered long and hard before placing in his delicate elven script the following missive, that was delivered by hand to the small gnomish encampment of tents to the west of the Trade. Willow's work amidst the histories and wild places of the land to develop a spell to aid the land was but one part of his plan. Willow had an inkling to find some revenge against the origin of the troubles themselves .. the catalyst upon which all the decisions had been made, Fhelkhorn the red dragon.

Might Nature's blessings find the Diamondeyes well and hearty,

In introduction, I am known as Willow, an elf of the northern forests and seneschal of the Ungue Orn. Your companions, and business community came to my notice by discussion with one of your company of the name Salla. She spoke of your innovation and steadfastness in completing what commissions you had thusfar gained upon this fair Island of Thain.

In order to seal a contract, and further explain what I wish of you she said it would be necessary to formally contract you in the scheme of my conception.

That which I seek of you is the finding and recovery of the fabled Horde of Fhelkhorn, the red Dragon of this Isle. His lair is said to have been in the Pass of Ashes, within the vallies of the Drakamyre, but just where the hourde might be found is part of the contract. It is widely known this Dragon was of vast power for many years, so I can surely claim that it's riches are valuable and likely many. It is this source of valuables from which I would pay for this commission, as I would seek to keep only those implements that might aid the land. Those being given unto those that might use them for the betterment of Nature, leaving all other riches yours to keep or sell in payment.

I freely admit, that this task I have decided to follow in an act of vengeance against the evil of that red dragon, to fnally purge his memory from the land.

I await your reply, and might be contacted through missives left with Bence,


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12:28:34 PM 02/03/09

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Considering what satisfaction might be gained from his first step towards payment for those who had abused Nature, Willow considered others that might just have need of retribution ..

He'd hidden his gasp of anguish as he had traversed the northern woods of Hamley, but not well enough, and the guard that had chased his eight legged form had seemed to have almost inexhaustible endurance before upon the edges of the Drakamyre, she had turned back from her quarry. However, hidden by Fey magic Willow returned to watch the unfeeling humans of Hamley as they continued to defile the land that the happen to live upon. Whispering in Ogham, Willow called upon the roots of the plants and trees cruelly being attacked to trip and twist below the wood choppers feet. One Lumberjack that had sought to investigate in the trees found the music of Willow's pipes so enthralling that he slept for many hours in the darkening woods.

[ 157_tripping_and_slowing.jpg ]

So long as they sought to harm the forests, the folk of Hamley would start to feel the returning pressure of the wilds .. and that would hopefully show them that their plans were awry and should be stopped .. soon.

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10:14:15 PM 02/03/09

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Having heard of the the strange workings of nature and other odd happenings to the workmen at the west gate, Andras looks for a place where a compromise might be achieved.

To the east he finds what he believes will suit his needs.

[ image disabled ]

To begin his plan he first makes a quick stop in Hamley to make a simple request.

[ image disabled ]

*Andras smiles and nods and aproaches the Colonel.*

Good evening Colonel,

No doubt you have heard of the odd happenings to the workmen at the west gate. The description of the incident reminded me of magics I have seen used by those with a close bond to nature.

If indeed the clearing of the surrounding bush has offended some, I propose that we, in compromise, start a plantation to the east and replace as many of the cut trees as possible.

It is my hope to appeal to some sense of balance, and to avoid further ... incidents.

With your permission I will begin as soon as possible.

*Andras nods and awaits the Colonel's response*

Andras D'arkkon, Keeper of Thain
Ahron Lierle'en, Tel'Varataurie, Feywood Ranger
Daron 'Vantalti, Dahakoan-Auraj
Liam Graysteel, Empyrean Squire.
Tanith Silvermoon, Paladin of Sune

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Just Miggen
10:29:36 PM 02/03/09
nerf ts

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Bennars nods to Andras, "Due to the nature of the attacks I have my suspicion that Feywood may be behind them, though I never thought our neighbor would go as far to try to halt our town's production. However, the plans have already been set out for construction the expand north... and despite all the money raised we still need the wood from the trees. The spiders still have their attention on the east side of the river, and building there would mean having to defend a construction site from the Adumbral swarms every night... something we cannot afford. And we must have this complete by next harvest season to ensure that Hamley has enough crop to feed itself and the rest of the island."

The Colonel sighs, glancing down at the plans for the expansion of Hamley on his desk. "That is not Feywood's territory; I do hope they come to their senses soon and stop acting so childish."

You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the half-drow dragonblooded sorcerer raised in Celestia with a mechanical mithril arm and scimitars for hands.

You love to see it.
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06:30:08 PM 02/08/09

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Though Willow sorrowed for the loss of life by Amel, he knew that the folk of Hamley must yet learn that their plans for the land might have dangerous repercussions.

Many seemed to make light of the damage to the forest, yet in a place recently blighted by unnatural winter, to further weaken the forest's strength seemed folly of the greatest limit. Willow wondered if the folk of Hamley had so easily forgotten the sentient trees found in the southern groves of Hamley .. were they so unfeeling to perhaps fell some of that ancient and rare breed?

[ 157_misplacing_tools.jpg ]

As beady eyes from within the head of a bird watched his companions of the forest, hide and bury tools and befoul the places the Lumberjacks worked, Willow prayed that those of Hamley might know by the reaction of e'en Nature's beasts that there was an outcry against their actions. Actions against the land that had lost a season's worth of growth and life, that barely had found itself one season in the many years of recovery required. There was a vicious cycle perhaps to be stopped, the more land cleared lead to more crops and more could be fed .. better the humans survived on what they had and moved to places where their foraging might be done in harmony with nature.

With a final flap and preen as he felt the rush of air through the almost cleared valley leading westwards lead Willow to realise another trouble upon the horizon of Hamley. With the chaotic influences upon the weather of the isle still unsettled Willow saw the dread circumstance that might well lead to the funnelling once more of the dread storms and cursed winds that still befouled the Drakamyre, and had hardly fled from Hamley's night skies.

The Flock watched for a time, then as feathers were blown in the wind, they rose from the branches and veered south away from the folk of Hamley that would bring peril upon themselves, despite the intentions of others.

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12:40:40 AM 02/09/09
Merchant Auditor
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((Posted on request of Shards_of_Narsil))

Jeri and a handful of soldiers had gotten caught up in one of the damned elemental's illusory "tests" of their "companionship" and "friendship", bloody warm fuzzy feelings that adventurers could afford, but not soldiers.

Jeri honestly believed this was the damn pixies. Arderak was a chaotic deity, one of mischief and vague, overdramatic lessons. How DARE that blowhard, false god distract Jeri and his men from their greater duty. What he discovered on his return only reinforced this belief; the lumberjacks' tools had been pilfered, scattered and lost. The tree felling was halted, and would remain halted until the situation was resolved.

However, even as the Lord Marshal of Thain rubbed the back of his head and cursed sulfurously in the tongue native to the slaad, he heard a shifting of manifold tools in deep pockets. When he turned, a blinding flash of a white coat in the night told him he was looking at his loyal soldier, Director Fang.

"Lord Marshal, sir," Fang said, setting down a large, rolled up bundle and kicking it open. Within, twenty broad axes gleamed in the moonlight, expertly sharpened and carefully designed. "I noticed the lumberjack's axes were a bit small... and dull. So I made them new ones."

Jeri raised one eyebrow while furrowing the other, staring at the tools, then looking over his shoulder at the empty axe racks. A grin crossed his face, and he looped his good arm around the mad elven craftsman's shoulders.

"Nice work, boy," Jeri chuckled, then gave him a shove towards the supply tent for the lumberjacks. "Ge' those dropped off, an' get back 'ere. We've go'a make these boys some new tools." He jerked his thumb towards Keanes' metal forge. "I think they'll spare us the iron."

"Hell no, ye damned pixies," Jeri growled as he watched Fang haphazardly lug the heavy axe bundle away. "Thain isn't goin' down ta ye. Not on my watch."
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08:44:30 AM 02/09/09

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It's little surprise that word travels fast within the walls of Hamley about deaths and disappearances, enchantments and missing tools. So it should come as little surprise that shortly after, notes starting appearing in every populated village and settlement across the island. Whether they were nailed to bulletin boards or strewn to litter the streets, all the notes were written in the same clear deliberate and coarse angular hand of the mysterious cleric.

Dear Citizens
We regret to inform you, but our responsibility to improve our ability to feed the already famished island has been met with great resistance at the hand of the evil known as Amel, being backed by none other than the Tel V' of the Feywood. Hamley can no longer endure the constant threats, becoming statues or death, as we are already weak from the past action of their kinfolk in freezing us out of our settlement. We will continue in the village with a "business as usual" attitude, but that will no longer entail expansion to serve the island at large. Rather, we will be resorting to a version of isolation, referred to as "Closing our gates" due to the wickedness of this race as a whole.

We regret any inconvenience your starving and potential death may cause. Please direct any complaints and questions to your Feywood Council.

Thank you.
The Villagers of Hamley
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08:48:23 AM 02/09/09

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And meanwhile in Hammersong:

A fat hand shakes with glee as he reads the note, chomping away at a fritter. Tossing back the last of his ale and splashing it over his beard and armor, he grabs his axe and runs... ok.. walks cause he's too fat.... down the stone corridor ad pounds on the door of the one person he could trust with such news.

"Open ey's door! I gots summat ye gossa see. I knowd eys effs couldna be trusted. Look who eys in bed wiff now!"

Athelas -Damage Incorporated
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10:26:29 AM 02/09/09

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Upon by chance reading the notice of the ultimatum of the people of Hamley Willow shook his head sadly. Did the uninformed writer of that note think one village might support the hungers of an entire island? What of the farms that spread over the isle? No wonder they would fail in their task of feeding if only one place sought to feed all. Willow did ponder a further moment at what proof they had of the Tel'Varataurie's involvement or that of the Feywood Council, as Willow knew both were innocent of the occurrences described.

Picking up a pen Willow scribed a note to send to Colonel Bennars, including a copy of one of the notes ...

Dear Colonel Benners,

I write to you in enquiry due to some notices seen about the places of the isle. I presume it was written perhaps by some devil-maker, or perhaps a miss-informed villager who thinks he does well by promoting miss-truths about the elves of the isle. I feel I must take this time to explicitly tell you of the troubles that might face Hamley and hope to stem any impending violence, and to explain why perhaps the forces of Nature seem arrayed in opposition of the village's latest move towards seeming expansion.

I believe the folk of Hamley do not understand the peril in which the land about the village lies in. Surely since the might of the Arcane Winter laid so heavily upon your homes you understand it as the cause of the changes in the climate of the isle? Normal seasonal growth and weather have not stabilised and are unlikely to do so for many years, perhaps even lifetimes of your kinsfolk, I believe. That last season, sliced short by the snows that came to inflict pain upon Fhelkhorn, and the dark winds of the Drakamyre, that twisted the lands nature for the months before that, have had a heavy impact upon the Land. This I implore you to believe.

While I know many do not align with my Faith, I hope you would have sympathy for the knowledge of a different Faith when felt by it's follower? It is my belief that the land below your feet lies in the direst risk, and might e'en fade from fertility should it be pushed beyond the true need of those that live upon it.

The Source, that exists to bring life to all of nature's children, every husk of corn each bird and bear, cannot cope continually against the severest of bitter embattlements it has received. In the Feywood, do we elves hope to stand in surety of the Source, and mine own Druidic Oath's taken in duty to the Source itself as a Seneshal of the Land impel me to most strongly seek to persuade you to moderate your plans of expansion in defence of all.

It is my aim, and those close to me in my love of the land to try and repair some of the damage done unto the Land, and to that result we need a time of healing and peace. A spell of a Atonement is being researched to be cast upon the environs of the earth racked by the harshness of the dual blows of cursed storms and Arcane Winter. In the casting of the magic I hope to ameliorate the tarnish Nature's power has had inflicted upon it and hope to avert the most dire circumstances of barrenness. I would not have Hamley reduced to a land like the wastes due to the actions of its own citizens, but should the villagers actions not be subject to more stringent moderation I fear that as a possibility.

I pray that you might remember me in some way, for my name is Willow, once a Keeper and friend to Kalin Fenthar, one of your associates. I sorrow with you for the souls of those folk lost to life through conflict in the matter, yet I know that balance must be maintained for the good of all in the longevity of future seasons.

Might you find wisdom, Willow of the Ungue Orn.

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01:47:04 PM 02/09/09

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Note wrote ...

We regret any inconvenience your starving and potential death may cause. Please direct any complaints and questions to your Feywood Council.

Before Leth could even finish the note, it tore in her hands, ripped to shreds. The feathers on her wings stood on end with rage, folding and unfolding rapidly.
"How DARE they write such filith. Worthless short-minded humans! They take our gold in charity and use to to make their lives more luxurious, and expect praise in return!?"

She swore angrily in elven, stalking back to her forge. Someone was going to get an earful of this...

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