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Rodgr Thunderguts
01:45:44 PM 12/10/19
No, just normal fighting, two of the abilities work and two don't. Thanks Squidget

01:09:55 PM 12/10/19
I have seen that bug with cooldown-based abilities before, but I thought I squashed it. Anything in particular you were doing when you activated the abilities?

Rodgr Thunderguts
11:21:33 AM 12/10/19
Yeah it's weird it is just two of the skills, I tried resting, re-logging etc etc, it is still the same the other skills reset after about 30 seconds

11:02:28 AM 12/10/19
@Rodgr: That sounds like way too long - even for a low level monk.

Rodgr Thunderguts
10:40:15 AM 12/10/19
Anyone ever had the monk skills take 8000+ seconds before you can re use it, only happening to two of them, never played a monk before so I wasn't sure if that is -normal- ? Thanks !!

07:43:47 PM 12/09/19

06:17:10 PM 12/09/19
Can you post a screenshot of the error you are seeing? Or are you seeing one?

06:15:31 PM 12/09/19
Hi if you have a chance ,icant get into Beamdog,thanks

03:54:58 AM 12/09/19

12:34:51 PM 12/08/19
Nature Night begins in about 1.5 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2pm CST (GMT -6).

(Be aware of the Daylight Saving Time Voodoo that changed recently ! )

Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be missing the event today as I attend a work event. Cuchuwyn, the great Druid of Water and The South will be leading The Calling today !

(Many thanks, Cuch ! )

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Author Post
05:49:08 PM 11/19/08

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*a thick piece of parchment nailed to the wall by a dagger on the inside of the Trade and Tackle*

Seasoned Adventurers Needed

A group of adventurers is looking for a few more party members to join in a trek to the Underdark. People agreeing to go so far are: Aniril Danicen, Lucky Nim, Cael, and myself Anya. We're looking for a few more to aid us in this endeavor. Special need of people skilled at hiding, use of a bow, casting protective spells, or healing. Please seek me out *Short description of Anya*

OOC no set date or time yet though we'd like to make this a rather story oriented and high role play adventure into the Underdark. Not just another smash and grab. Thank you.Send RP posts as replies please.

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11:36:14 PM 11/20/08

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Ideas for this trip have been set back till we can get more people involved. Our destination is Ser'chel in the Underdark.

People shown interest in going thus far are: Anya, Aniril, Nimali, Styvn, Cael and Eswyn.

Please if you'd like to join post so below'


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09:46:50 AM 11/21/08

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*Aniril reads the notice*

Well of course, Melamin. I would follow you to the ends of Faerun if you needed.

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12:17:20 PM 11/21/08

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Willow saw the notice from Anya and stood pondering for a time. As one of the Tel'Varataurie he held little compassion for the Underdark races .. yet fear was always there when dealing with them.

Nodding finally Willow scribed a missive to pass to Anya alerting her to the fact that he would accompany her gathering should they need his aid .. they might even learn news of the growing Illithid incursions amongst the Underdark communities and stave off danger that might occur from that.

[ Edited 04:17:53 PM 11/21/08 ]
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Thranduil Greenleaf
12:56:16 PM 11/21/08

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Styvn saw the notice pinned to the wall of the Trade with a dagger, and looked at the signature. He chuckled softly to himself as he thought, "aye, that's Anya, very subtle".

As he read the body of the notice his mood changed from lighthearted to dark and brooding. Painful memories came flooding into his mind of the last time he ventured into the underdark. He remembered the terrible pain that racked his body and soul when he woke up next to the rune covered boulder beneath the Great Oak in the Feywood. The memories made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. Gods, how he hated the drow. The thought of returning there filled him with dread.

Styvn sighed heavily. No matter how much he dreaded going back into the underdark, he could not let his friends go without him, if they truly needed him to accompany them. He would speak to Anya, and if his other commitments did not preclude him from going, he would go if she asked it of him.

Styvn-elf, Tel'Varataurie. -Clickedy- (player loggin = Thranduil Greenleaf) -Clickedy-

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Bob Johnson-human, large meat shield. (player loggin = Kun Tao)

Bor'el Greenleaf-elf, healer, priest of Corellon. (player loggin = Kun Tao)

Edan Amandil-human, healer. (player loggin = Gregor Wyrmbane)

John Smith-human, blacksmith. (player loggin = Gregor Wrymbane)

Rosco Underhill-halfling, "Underhill family" hit man. (player loggin = Gregor Wrymbane)[/color]

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01:54:51 PM 11/21/08

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Bryony smiles reading the notice. Laughing she recalled the last time she visited, strategically travelling on her own to reduce the risk to others. Amazingly she had been relatively successful, though she knew that she had been incredibly fortuitous.

Calling in to visit Bence she passed him a neatly addressed letter, tied with a cornflower blue ribbon. "The Lady Anya if you would please." A small handful of coins accompany the letter in payment.

wrote ...
Dear Lady Anya

If you should have need of my services I would be honoured to assist you and your group. Please leave message with Mr Bence.

Emissary of the Qui Vive Monastery
Keeper of Thain

The letter written in a beautiful flowing script.

Tara Steiner - Fiery, volatile sword-slashing aggrieved widow
Jessie - Sweet, polite lass, lives in the Feywood
Sparkle - Very quiet, shy young woman with some unusual skills.
Bryony - Qui Vive Emissary.
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04:13:34 PM 11/21/08

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Walking into the trade as she passed Bence's shop he flagged her down and passed the letter along from Bryony. A look of surprise struck her face. Breaking the seal she egarly wondered who it was from having rarely gotten any mail.

"Dear Lady Anya

If you should have need of my services I would be honoured to assist you and your group. Please leave message with Mr Bence.

Emissary of the Qui Vive Monastery
Keeper of Thain"

A devilish grin sprouted upon her face. thinking to herself. Even a keeper's help, and a monk at that. This is going to be good.

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10:48:48 AM 11/22/08

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We are going to try to head down to the Underdark today around 12:00 p.m. Mountain time. As per request.


P.S. If you still wish to go meet up at CR

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02:55:04 PM 11/23/08

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This trip has been postpone due to conflicting times for those involved. Reply back whenever is good for you.


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mojo pixy
04:08:58 PM 11/23/08

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[OOC] heh .. completely missed the post giving a time. i'll keep an eye on this thread and try to make whenever it is

[ Edited 08:17:45 PM 11/23/08 ]

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