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09:49:51 PM 02/24/20

08:08:33 PM 02/24/20

11:07:32 PM 02/23/20
Wedding was awesome guys. I am still chuckling when I think of the reception afterwards.

05:25:05 PM 02/23/20
Thank you all for attending the wedding. It was an adventure!

02:03:45 PM 02/23/20
Nature Night will start one hour from now, to give folks more time for post-wedding festivities.

12:26:57 PM 02/23/20
Nature Night begins in about 2 hours from the time of this post. That will be 2:30pm CST (GMT -6).

I'm gonna start it 30 minutes later than usual to give folks time to go to Sage and Conrad's Wedding. If it runs later, we can always slaw the start of Nature Night some more.

Please check page 1 of the Nature Night: Phase 4 thread to see the map to the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be on as Malam. Please shoot a tell to me with any questions.

04:59:59 AM 02/23/20
Sage's and Conrad's wedding will begin in Lumenshire in about 7 hours from the time of this post about 18.00 GMT (10.00 PT) Feel free to use Jiztroyir's portal in the Crossroads. Bring your own knives!

04:11:39 AM 02/23/20
Hey, Bee, I apologize for not answering you faster as you were asking about the Harpers. IU got distracted with some RP. Feel free to hit me up as Evendithus on the Discord or here on the forum.

01:15:09 AM 02/23/20
I can see the rest of the sentence now, but before the second half was blank.

11:11:25 PM 02/22/20
It looks fine to me! Is the page not loading fully or something?

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An Ill Wind from the Moors
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Author Post
03:43:54 AM 03/01/08
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After stopping to brief the Council on what she'd discovered and showing them the armband, Laiqualassiel made her way back to the canopy of tel'Varataurie.

The chattering of sparrows hopping here and there in the branches kept her company as she set pen to paper in order to inform the others. Flowing elven script told the story:

We have all heard from the scouts how the gnolls have changed, become more organized, more dangerous.

I traveled north into the moors to see if anything pointed to the cause of this change. After dispatching a few small groups, I came upon a gathering of gnolls. Blending in with nature as best as I could, I came close enough to hear the one addressing them. From what I overheard, they are uniting their clans under one leader. If tribal conflicts have kept their aggressions divided before, I fear things may soon grow worse for us.

I may have bought some small measure of time by dealing with that gathering, but that will only have interrupted the messages to the individual clans and not stopped whatever leading faction is organizing this.

Be alert in your patrols to any gnoll wearing an armband of black with a skull emblem. It appears to be the signifier of the leaders.

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Just Miggen
04:31:33 PM 03/05/08

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"We should not focus our efforts on the northern moors, the gnolls are obviously exercising battle tactics that are sure to exhaust their entire forces soon!" Terithindel furrowed his brows, looking around to the other three gathered in the chambers; hoping his words would not fall on deaf ears.

Though immediately after the last words escaped his lips Suzerain's began, "Which is why we should double the patrols we have around the swamp for the time being and wipe out those malodorous mongrels so we can get this over with and start worrying ourselves of more important issues."

Darius ran a hand down the right side of his face, dragging out his features for a moment as he began to speak, "The gnolls may not be the the most astute creatures in the realm but they are no fools when it comes to battle. They want us to focus our posts around the moors so they can flank us from the side. Not that it matters of course, they have always lived in divided clans and are never any stronger than twenty-a-piece." The loremaster shook his head, "I admit the numbers that have come back reported to us are rather large but they must be running low on infantry, they'll back off anytime now and things will go back to how they are."

"And that would explain the new banners erected about the swamplands?!" Snapped Suzerain, shooting a menacing glare towards Darius that was simply quelled by the knowing glance of Lady Syrrisia.

"The reports are certainly due for caution my friends," the lady's voice danced about the foliage blanketed stone chambers, "But this is a matter we should be able to simply take care of if only we keep our minds and emotions clear. The gnolls have long been our enemy, but we have fought off much worse. We know their weakness lies in their malice and their greed, for it drives them to become mindless and hateful and destroy all around them, even themselves."

"...but the banners..." Suzerain reminded her.

"It is obvious we are dealing with a larger clan than we have before," she turned her attention to all three gathered, "though it should only cause mild alarm. They have shown no signs of true advancement and while the damage they cause is unfortunate I'm sure it can be solved with a few more patrols placed around the swamp's borders."

Suzerain sneered as the other two males grinned, content with the Lady's decision.

"Should more evidence surface that more alarm is due we will deal with it then, but as for now we have other matters to discuss, Loremaster, you were speaking of the history of the Fey Fruit?..."

[ 463_feywood_council_nom_nom_nom.jpg ]

You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the half-drow dragonblooded sorcerer raised in Celestia with a mechanical mithril arm and scimitars for hands.

You love to see it.
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Thranduil Greenleaf
09:08:54 PM 03/07/08

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Styvn reports to the Feywood council after scouting the Gerdamish swamps.

wrote ...

My Lady, after finding some fresh cut trees in the moors I followed the tracks of many gnolls leading into the swamps. I scouted the area extensively, and found a very disturbing situation there.

There is a new clan of gnolls who have taken up residence at the old fort in the swamps. They are a large clan, with a new breed of gnoll I've never seen before. The new ones appear to be better trained and more disciplined than any of the others I've encountered. From listening to their broken common, I determined the new breed to be called by the title, "Overwatch".

My Lady, these gnolls are more organized than any I've ever seen. They are growing crops within the walls of the old fort. They have a supply dock with access to the sea for resupplying their great numbers. Most of the fort's old banners have been replaced by banners the gnolls are flying consisting of a black background with a white skull and crossed bones. The main gate is well fortified by squads of varying types of gnoll warriors integrated with spell casters. There is however, an unblocked back entrance that can be entered without having to open the main gate. Although it too is heavily guarded.

I believe their presence presents a great danger to the Feywood and all of it's inhabitants. If an outright assault on their position is not possible, then I recommend at the very least you should increase the patrols along the border of the northern Feywood and the Moors.

On a related note, I encountered several Gerdamish hounds that were most likely previously freed by Krin Desat, Ras Tabula, and Myself. They were not hostile, and quite approachable. If what I suspect is true, the hounds we've freed have recovered from the influence and cruelty of the gnolls, and have regained their former demeanor. One even helped me to dispatch a gnoll hunter without any persuasion from myself. This could be the one small silver lining to the dark cloud that is forming over the Gerdamish Moors and the Swamps.

I will continue to scout the new encampment of gnolls, and I will let you know of any further developments. If you have any future questions, or any special requests of me, please do not hesitate to summon me.

Having delivered his report, Styvn bows respectfully and leaves the council chambers.

[ image disabled ]
[ 1145_report_to_council1.jpg ]

Styvn-elf, Tel'Varataurie. -Clickedy- (player loggin = Thranduil Greenleaf) -Clickedy-

Roklynd Elendili-half elf, servant of Mielikki. (player loggin = Kun tao)

Theven Nimblfingers-halfling, lock & trap master. (player loggin = Gregor Wyrmbane)

Bob Johnson-human, large meat shield. (player loggin = Kun Tao)

Bor'el Greenleaf-elf, healer, priest of Corellon. (player loggin = Kun Tao)

John Smith-human, blacksmith. (player loggin = Gregor Wrymbane)

Rosco Underhill-halfling, "Underhill family" hit man. (player loggin = Gregor Wrymbane)

And a host of alternates that I won't bother listing here.

Kings are fools, and nations of men greater fools, to do the bidding of such men and be commanded by their pettiness.... and to die for their whims.
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Just Miggen
08:04:17 PM 03/22/08

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Suzerain's watchful eyes followed the scout as he strode across the council chambers and out the door he had appeared in only a few minutes before. His arms folded across his chest as he glanced towards his three peers, unable to hide the subtle smirk wearing across his face. "I'd say that rightfully puts the report numbers up in the 'countless' since we've received the initial observations of the ranger Styvn."

Darius only shook his head and returned a stare to the youngest member of the council, "It appears you were correct in your observations Suzerain, and your choice of action to increase our patrols around the edge of the moors should be taken. I'd advise, however, that we focus much of our troops effort on the eastern coast... if I recall correctly gnoll battle tactics in the past..."

As the loremaster began trailing off Terithindel made sure to force his point in, "The eastern coast... but we already have some forces there... the northern Feywood borders are what we should truly worry over. Though the druid Willow roams there often I still think it is wise to fortify the borders there."

"Yes, but there were reports of empty docks," the loremaster added in, "so either they have vessels of war or they're building them. I doubt they have fishing vessels alone."

Lady Syrrisia kept her hands folded near her face, two fingers pointing up to her lips as she listened to the arguments of the council. She had recently been troubled as to what to do with the forces at their command since it became clear the vile gnolls of the north were on the rise. Her eyes flicked to each members as they continued to bicker, all wishing the same safety for the wood and their people but seemingly having the need to fight as wild dogs over what to do about it.

After the volume in the council chambers rose above its normal level the lady thought it time to interject, "The gnolls have only been a small threat in the past, and it is becoming clearer by the day these once minor nuisances are becoming a much greater force moving upon the Feywood." she glances about, the concern wearing heavily as the others listened on, "However, even if our fears have come true and the gnolls have united under one banner they still cannot muster enough power to greatly harm the Feywood, though they may try. I purpose we draw fractions of our forces from other locations and bring them to the coastline, should more appear in the northern forest I suspect that Willow or others who my dwell there will bring us news of it."

The others nodded in agreement, the chambers now an unnatural silence after the lady's words. It remained that way for the next hour as they all stood in thought.

You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the half-drow dragonblooded sorcerer raised in Celestia with a mechanical mithril arm and scimitars for hands.

You love to see it.
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