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09:52:20 PM 04/07/20
There is now a portal that you can use to get to the Giant Den from the Hammersong Pass Cave.

06:37:29 PM 04/07/20
Necro Night will start in about 20 minutes!

10:58:58 AM 04/07/20

08:22:35 AM 04/07/20
Blue is friendly, cuddly metallic dragon !

07:15:36 PM 04/06/20

06:43:13 PM 04/06/20
no pls. Am no scary dragon.

04:56:35 PM 04/06/20
Blue wants a metallic fix?

Refuse him!

12:32:15 PM 04/06/20
Renn was in Type O Negative.

10:54:39 AM 04/06/20
Renn glitters in sunlight, true story.

09:05:52 AM 04/06/20
Renn is the OG emo elf.

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[ref] Guilds on Thain and how to get involved
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09:20:13 AM 02/06/07

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About Guilds
Firstly we'd like to point out that there is a distinction on Thain between Guilds and NPC Factions. Guilds are always player-run while Factions are DM-run.

As guilds are run by the players, for players, there are no real restrictions on what guild is founded or how it is run - so long as at all times you are acting within the rules of Thain regarding respect etc.

At the same time, there are no mechanical advantages to being in a guild - you will recieve no powerful items, no extra DM interaction or whatever - they should be their own reward and designed to increase the fun of the members and other players who interact with the members.

If the guild has a distinctive charter, a consistent member base (typically 6 or more members), and have shown roleplay over a long period of time (we're talking months here) then it is possible that the world will start to react more to the presence of a guild, possibly leading to the granting of some real estate on Thain to operate from and other RP props - just as such things can happen to long-term roleplayers regardless of guild status.

Getting involved
If you want to get involved in a guild, the best way to approach this is IC - if you already know of a guild that you think you'd be a good match for then you can approach them in game, through the IC forums, or through IC PMs to their members if you know them. If you don't know of a specific guild then you could always try leaving an IC note at the T&T (IC forum board) advertising yourself and asking if there are any guilds that might be interested - there are several covert guilds on Thain who might get in touch.

Finally there's nothing wrong with inquiring OOC about guilds either - players are a friendly bunch and will quite likely help you towards what you want - whether that's setting up a meeting IC or even just saying 'sorry, you'll need to find out about us IC, but here's a hint'.

Of course, being accepted into a guild is another matter, and the policy varies wildly from guild to guild - please don't take any IC rejection as a slight against you as a player. If there's no guild suitable for your character, why not start up your own?

Existing guilds
Rather than publish a list of guilds from our staff understanding, this thread is also an opportunity for existing guilds to introduce themselves and say a little about who they are, what they stand for and any other information they'd like to give.

There's no requirement for any guild to post the information so if you want to stay secret that's fine! Likewise this information is OOC unless otherwise stated. If you keep it to one post per guild it'll be more readable - PM myself or another moderator if you need to change a guild posting and can't. Finally if you want to discuss a guild or guilds then please do so in a different thread, to keep this one clear and readable - thanks

Currently Active Guilds: (active being very generous for some of them!)
Update: 2016-03-15

Stewards of Hammersong
Harpers of Thain
Keepers of Thain
The Red Wizards of Thay and The Shields of the Zulkirite
Rightsized Maidens and Knights

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05:52:16 PM 02/06/07
I'm Watching You

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Thain School of Magic - Now Under New Management! (08/18)

The School of Magic offers guidance and direction to individuals seeking knowledge of the arcane. The proper use of magic is taught using real life experiences and self-exploration through adventuring. Mastery and awareness of self is as much on the curriculum as mastery and control of the Weave.

Current Staff:
Eluvial - Headmaster
Acanthus - Master of Divination and Enchantment
Jacen Morlock - Master of Necromancy
Marsolis Dusklorn - Master of Evocation
Bigrin - Master of Illusion
Teron Dian - Missing
Rorry Lange - Missing
Ramen Varelse - Missing

City of Greenvale: The Gardens. (Formerly located in Steinkreis near the Great Keep.)

Admission Policy:
The School of Magic is open to all good or neutral aligned individuals interested in a life working with the arcane. An oath must be taken prior to acceptance. Anyone interested in seeking enrollment should seek out a member of the teaching staff.

Testing by members of the teaching staff on a regular basis to insure proper understanding and utilization of magical studies and to provide teaching staff with insight regarding the true nature of the student. Please contact a member of the staff in game to learn more.

Staff Policy:
Anyone interested in offering their services in a teaching capacity should seek out member of the teaching staff to arrange a meeting and interview.

[ Edited 02:51:29 PM 08/17/18 ]

Carylduil - Chronicle of an Elven Heart, Chronicle of an Elven Heart II, Awakening, Sharpening a Mind, Into Darkness, The Search for Eloril, Servant of Light, A Request for Blessings, An Assassin Strikes, Peering into the Shadows

Sar’rel - Wizard of Thay, Seasons Change, The Search for Knowledge and Power, Darkness Grows, Darkness Grows II, A Shift of Power, A New Alliance, Dark Components

Thrash Flint - Thrash Flint, Thrash Flint II, Thrash Flint III

No Name - It Walks Among Us, Darkness Within the Light
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09:08:36 PM 02/06/07

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Tel’Varataurie (The Protectors of the Wood)

Tel’Varataurie have their own tree-top based above the elven stronghold in the Feywood. They are an elf or half-elf guild but it is possible for other races that have proven themselves to be true protectors of the elven lands to join the guild. Tel’Varataurie focuses slightly on elven religions, however, it is more on a character to character basis. The members are usually found to be patient, however when the time calls, are able to hold their own in a fight. All guild members are given an olive green type robe, but are allowed to walk around in anything they wish. Recently, Tel’Varataurie membership has gone into a decline, but members do still exist and we are accepting applicants at all times

Mission Statement: To protect the elven way of life, their lands, and other areas that are claimed by elves. Also, to promote learning of the elven heritages and histories, help any non-evil, non-drow elf who is in need, and to fight against the ancient enemies of the elves: The servants of Lloth and Gruumsh.

Principles: Basically to protect the lands of the elves, such as the forests (Feywood, Greenwood, etc.), help other elves (non-evil) in need, especially other members of Tel’Varataurie. Due to elven racism, all Drow are shot on sight. ((warning OOC, though, of course ))

Admission Policy: Those elven/half-elven player characters who are non-evil or non-drow elf/half-elf. Like said before, other races who prove themselves may be allowed in. Players are nominated by an existing member and are then picked and given an invitation to the guild. Basically, if you want to join, find out IG who are members, and basically RP, interact, and play with them.

Information provided by Caitiff found at Tel’Varataurie website.
[ Edited 07:24:13 PM 02/07/07 ]

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequeties of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brothers keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengence and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the lord when I lay my vengence upon thee!
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05:42:42 PM 02/08/07

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Dawn of Shadows

A guild so secret half the members don't even know whos all involved.

Current Leader: Unknown.

Mission statement: The Dawn is.......

*The reporters tongue is cut out before he can finish*

Admission Policy: Your all being watched, if we are interested we will find you.

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Vaurin - The Taaldarax of the 'Great Game'
Paydon - Thayan Red Memoirs
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Sqwar - High Priest of Squar'Kanith
Caustin - 'Feywood Elf'
Jachin - Agent of the 'Collective'
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04:07:27 PM 02/09/07
This is my boomstick.

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Stewards of Hammersong

The Stewards are guild of Dwarven adventurers who hold the interests of their brethren, and the defense of Hammersong as their top priority. With no guild hall to call their own, the Kings Beard Pub is the meeting place of choice. It's got enough chairs, and you don't leave thirsty. Though King Rugar counts them amongst his assets, they are not part of the Hammersong military officially. They act in Hammersong's interest of their own accord, often with the King's blessings.

They frequently clear the mountain and pass of the Giant scourge, and have a habit of delving deep into the Underdark to push the wretched Duergar back. They been known to take leisurely strolls through Drow territory and nature walks in nearby Poisonwood. Philanthropists at heart, they also lend their axes to worthy causes around the Isle as they see fit.

Of late, the restoration of the Lost Halls of Hammersong has been entrusted to the care of the Stewards and their fellows. It has been a focus of RP activity for the Guild along with any Dwarves who might take interest in such things.

Purpose: Protect Hammersong interests. Inspire camaraderie amongst Dwarven brethren. Act with Honor and Bravery. Drink ale. (not necessarily in that order)

Appearance: There are no specific colors, but all Stewards do receive a very stylish and distinctive Helm of the Stewards. The helm is rimmed in the royal blue of Hammersong.

Becoming a Steward: Any Dwarf with a stout and loyal heart can be nominated for Stewardship by an existing Steward due to Dwarven RP. Need not be a "typical" fighter-type Dwarf. If it is agreed to bring him on, the nominee is then informed and given some manner of test before being accepted into the fold. The nature of test depends on the Dwarf in question, but is generally there to test his heart and bravery. Usually followed by ale.

The current RP surrounding the Lost Halls is intended to be an easy way for Dwarves (or others) to get involved with the Stewards. Notices are posted around Hammersong that volunteers are being sought (see the Lost Halls thread for details).

DWARFNIGHT!: Though lying dormant, it used to be a regular weekly player event that gathered at the King's Beard pub for Dwarf-inspired adventure. Was primarily a gathering meant for those of Dwarven blood, but was open to any and all, even "tall Dwarves." Current incarnations of DN! (always to be spelled in caps with exclamation point heh) have consisted of imprompu sessions of Dwarven might. Never leave a Dwarf behind!

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Orin Stonetooth: Deepwalker, Steward & Mar'Karakan of Hammersong ♫ How Heavy This Axe
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03:44:17 PM 07/04/07
Merchant Auditor
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[ image disabled ]
The Circle
The Circle Defense Forces

Current Leader: Captain Commander Edgar Arnand

Current Purpose: The protection of Thain, at any cost.

Location: An unspecified location in the vicinity of Steinkreis and Webster's Landing. While its location is not a real secret, it is not advertised either.

Appearance: White cloaks and brooches bearing entwined letters C.D.F.

Admission Policy: Previously, only arcanists thought the C.D.F. was a place for their membership. Nowadays, there exists the misconception that only Infantry are accepted. The Circle Defense Forces is constantly recruiting specialists from all over Thain, the only requirements being honor, loyalty, and vigilance.
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08:08:51 PM 10/09/07
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The following is available for review in Guzbee's

The Rightsized Maidens and Knights

1 - We are a group of Hin and Gnomes, right sized and right minded.

2- We in the Rightsized beleive in that all adult Rightsized persons are capable on makeing good decisions without any rules telling them if they should act or not, there /are/ no leaders, all are equal

3- If ever the needy were to ask for help, we will always give our help

4- Our Main Goal: To defend Sandburrow, Thain and all the rightsized on the island

5- Our Secondary Goal: To make heard the voice of the rightsized on this island.

Current Members:
Llalee Cyrrareenna


Perego Tosenfen
Maragda Medina
Bethfidya Cat-fi
Peter Highhill
Amy Highhill
Pippi Dabble
Merta Brushe
Thrarius Twigbasher
Dampf Feuer
Drogo Burrows
Ressen Ashe

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Perego "the Free" Tosenfen -- Freed Slave
Tobur Hecklet -- Novice of Berronar Truesilver
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04:28:52 AM 06/12/08

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[ image disabled ]

Zhentarim - The Black Network

Zhentarim are an evil group, and this may lead to a PC not only having a poor public image but also being shunned to potentially marked as hostile in some areas of Thain.

Leaders: Imperceptor Nasmat and the Inner Circle

Location: The Ebon Trading Post, in Raven’s Watch

Identification: The colors of the Zhentarim are Black and Gold.

Admission Invitation: A player can either create a Zhentarim from the mainland (Zhentil Keep and Castle Darkhold being common), or can be recruited by those of the Black Network. Those of the Network watch, and find others who are share similair beliefs and goals. However, simply being interested in the group is not a guarantee of admission, if the current members decide someone is unsuiting to their ranks. There are no level restrictions, anyone is welcome from levels 1 to 20 and beyond.

Zhentarim PC's are not required to follow Bane.

Mission Statement: The Zhentarim is an organization devoted to the task of dominating trade and power throughout Faerûn. To that end they work to achieve the downfall of an ever-increasing list of opponents, including the Dalelands, the Harpers, rival Moonsea cities and anyone else who resists their influence.

Any city that resists infiltration and control is brought to their knees though open or covert military means. That which cannot be infiltrated and controlled must be cowed into obedience or destroyed.

Conquest is the Zhentarim agenda. It does this more by trade and subterfuge then by open military conquest. They also make use of non-human tribes and mercenaries. However, when subtly fails, the Zhentilar goes into action and moves upon a city. Also, Black Cloaks, Priest of Bane, and the agents of the Black Network go to work on non-humans that reside in the area. Usually an Orc or Goblin horde gives the Zhentilar the pre-text to sweep into the city or town in order to defend it. However, once the threat is over, the Zhentilar and Zhentarim do not leave.

- Establish a Monopoly of Trade.
- Dominate all political centers.
- Destroy all who stand in the path of these objectives.

Means of accomplishment:
The Black Network, activities include a number of legal and illegal actions. Trade is a major component of the Zhentarim's income and they are not limited morally.

The Zhentarim do excellent business in poisons, illicit drugs, weapons and slaves. Assassination, theft, blackmail, kidnapping and torture are all acceptable methods to advance Zhentarim goals. They have no compunction about hiding behind aliases or setting up rivals against each other, but usually wish to let their opponents know who is responsible for their downfall.

In the Time of Trouble the Zhentarim fell into the contol of Cyricists upon the death of Bane at that hands of Torm. With Bane's restoration, the Zhentarim, will on occasion, see members of both churches and faiths working along side one another despite the dieties rivalry.. this is most often seen with those located within Castle Darkhold.

Taken from Wikis, the FR Villain's Sourcebook, and Lords of Darkness.


Character Types: The Black Network is a group for people of all talents and classes.

Priests – Clergy of Bane, Cyric or Iyachtu Xvim.
The Clergy are commonly leaders of the Zhentarim, needing to provide direction for those others within the ranks. The religions are not negotiable in this situation, given the principle and base of the group.

Melee'ers– Zhentilar.
These are the soldiers of the Zhentarim, in charge of both offense of those who would oppose the Network and defense of the Network’s interests as necessary.

Arcane Casters – Black Cloaks.
The arcane strength of the Zhentarim, these dark wizards focus on the creation of magical wares for sale in Network shops and new uses for magic to keep the Zhentarim progressing forward in their path of dominion.

Collection of information and removal of key opponents are often invaluable tactics of the Zhentarim to accomplishing their goals.

Feel free to send me (Dontella) a PM with any questions.

A Member of the Guild who betrays the other Zhentarim, will be marked to be hunted by the other members.

[ Edited 11:56:17 PM 03/03/11 ]

I might be the villain of this story.

Sorrath ap'Nathia | The Flame. | Godslayer. | The World is Not Enough
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Nasmat | High Priestess of Bane. | Religious Differences.
The Black Network, Through a Northern Pass, The Banifaction
Through a Darkened Veil, Priestess Deconstructed, Shadows and Sands, A Touch of Evil
7/19/2010 - DM Edrick: [Tell] wickedly evil!
When Paydon met Nasmat

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07:39:34 PM 08/16/09

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The Conclave

[ image disabled ]

As a tertiary arm of the Tel'Varataurie, the Conclave is a Druid Circle based in the forests of the Feywood.

Accepting of all those with learning in the Natural Arts ((Class Druid and Ranger)), and non-hostile to Feywood, they stand together in defence of the natural world, it's Balance, and created from a need to extend the influence of nature about the isle and to galvanise the strength of all nature's servants.

To seek entrance into the Circle of Feywood seek out Willow, Jalla, Krin or Styvn and let them know of your affiliations to the Natural Order.

Bioware site: Tel'Varataurie

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Ramana Jala
01:55:51 PM 01/29/10

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[ image disabled ]

An Invitation from The Harpers of Thain

The Harpers would like to issue an open invitation for any who might be interested in joining the Guild. The secret nature of our Guild means that it and its members are not easily noticed by those who might find being in the Guild interesting and fun. Thus we accept OOC application for the IC recruitment of members.

Harpers work to defend the realm against those of evil intent, they work for the advancement of justice and freedom, and they promote learning and the dissemination of knowledge. They work behind the scenes, each Agent being semi-independent, working on his or her own projects, using his or her own front(s), while contributing to the information reservoir and common goals of the group. Most are rather like spies for the Good.

Pushing for Balance as well as what is right, they oppose all evil organizations such as the Zhentarim and the Red Wizards of Thay and any other group who openly or secretly do evil actions. Many people call the Harpers meddlers, for the Harpers often interfere with local politics with the aim to stop evil influence. The Harpers recruit a variety of people of most all classes and races, but the majority tend to be elves, rangers, and bards. The Harper Scout prestige class is not necessary to become a Thain Harper.

You can find some more about the Harpers and the Harper Code in our Thain Wikia entry Harpers, or in the Forgotten Realms Wiki. However, do keep in mind that some of those things delineated in the FR wiki are not fully, or just not, practised in Thain, as we adapt the Code to the Golden Rule of Thain to keep the fun-factor for both the Harper guild and the opposing players in consideration.

All non-evil alignments are acceptable, as long as the character is in accord with Harper ideals. Although the Lawful Good alignment is likely problematic because the Harpers may find it necessary to take what seems to be an unlawful action to further a good purpose. The basic alignment could be called Sneaky Good.

In order to avoid conflicts of interest and loyalty, we do prefer that the Character has no other memberships in what are considered major guilds (those guilds whose area of influence encompasses politics across the entire Island). Membership in a minor racial or regional community guild is acceptable, and at the Character's discretion can in fact be used as a front for the character's covert Harper activities.

Just do keep in mind that this application is completely OOC, your Character does not know anything about this, and in fact except for the OOC contact persons listed below, you the Player will likely not know who is observing you. And please be aware that application is not a guarantee of admission to the Guild, as the exact same IC vetting process must be done for a Witting Candidate (one who applies OOC), as if your character's suitability as a candidate were being considered as an Unwitting Candidate (without your OOC knowledge). Of course, Harpers ICly also watch for people who seem to fit into their vision of the guild and will approach those characters in time.

For anyone who might be interested, who has a character that you think would be appropriate to and have fun in the guild, then please feel free to PM one of the available Harpers listed at The Harpers of Thain wiki page, with any questions or inquiry. We can then proceed to IC 'notice' your character to start the RP of surveillance and engagement for vetting.

[ Edited 09:24:19 AM 11/07/15 ]

Jalla Desat (née: dem Vald) - Half-Elf Druidess, Druid of The Source of All Life, soul-mate to Krin Desat, mother to their four children, Dame of Pack Far-Runner, Tel'Varataurie elder, Feywood Taur'ohtarie, Harper, mystic, healer, herbologist.
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Ramana Domefarar - Elf Ranger, Estelglin of the Greenvale Estel Tirindor (she finally took a side). Publicly a Ranger, privately a Rogue Opportunist. A follower of Fenmarel Mestarine, the self-reliant Lone Wolf. Also a Sensate of Sharess, a pleasure and bliss junkie. And a well-armed goth groupie.
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Ranara Duauth - Elf Wizardess. A ‘shadowchild’, a being created by water and shadow, actually an alternating manifestation of Ramana. A follower of Prizimal (Keeper of the Balance of Light and Darkness), and in this universe is a friend to Wai’i’lani.
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