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04:14:14 PM 02/27/20
The anti has been raised!


03:57:55 PM 02/27/20
Felicity would pay 400k If someone pulled that off. Just sayin'.

03:13:30 PM 02/27/20
.. damn, tips must be good at the Tin Tankard. where do I apply ?

02:43:42 PM 02/27/20
....payment from Felicity. Apparently she has the most money, other than Lianna...

02:32:08 PM 02/27/20
Tin Tankard will sponsor the event, 100k to whomever kills Kallista and throws her into Blackrock Prison.

Must be a prisoner to collect, no fake kills.

02:03:34 PM 02/27/20
That's just cruel!

12:46:29 PM 02/27/20
I predict explosions

11:27:38 AM 02/27/20
It's a very early GMT morning.

11:02:27 AM 02/27/20
Oh... yea.. 18 hours and the fact that it says 06:00 GMT+1 in the post. Didn't notice that untill you asked now. I'd say it's a morrning session for us GMTers. A shame I have to get to work.

10:13:53 AM 02/27/20
Wait, is that 6 as in 06:00 or 18:00?

 FAQ #8
I'm new to Neverwinter Nights online! What do all these funny abbreviations mean?
NWN - Neverwinter Nights Computer Roleplaying Game.

CRPG - Computer Roleplaying Game.

D&D - refers to Dungeons and Dragons, the game from which NWN derives many of its rules.

PnP - stands for Pen and Paper, the manner in which D&D is played.

3rd ed. - refers to 3rd edition rules, which are the set of D&D rules used for Neverwinter Nights.

SRD - System Reference document, basically the free online core rules for D&D.

((afk)) - away from keyboard. Useful when you have to step away from the game for a minute!

((brb)) - be right back. See above.

IG - In Game (e.g. "I don't know what happened IG.")

IC - In Character - means acting and speaking as your character would, not as you would.

OOC - Out Of Character - means acting and speaking as you yourself would. Should be kept to a minimum in the talk channel in game, and marked with (( )).

RP, RPer, RPing - Roleplay, roleplayer, roleplaying; creating a character and playing out their personality and development over time.

PG, PGer, PGing - Powergame, powergamer; being concerned with the power of your character above all else.

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