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12:08:31 PM 05/26/19
Nature Night begins in about 2 hours from the time of this post . That will be at 2pm CDT. Please check page 5 of the " Nature Night - Phase 2 " thread for a map to the location of the Wild Grove where we meet !

I will be IG as Rubok Baxtrapple. If you see Malam's name on the list, he is just being used to set the event up.

08:30:52 PM 05/25/19
*waves to Amber*

10:23:03 PM 05/24/19

09:50:15 PM 05/24/19
Server has restarted, Vrystle !

04:55:20 PM 05/24/19
Lol !

04:09:57 PM 05/24/19
Unless he's going to the "Spirit Realm". Good ol' hin weed.

02:57:27 PM 05/24/19
For any that read my new Nature Night post before I corrected it... Malam is going to the Fey Realm to find a cure. He is ...not going to the Spirit Realm ... to fix the fact that he spent too much time in uhmm..the Spirit Realm.

I need to edit more closely.

08:55:28 AM 05/23/19
@Vaeltava they're counting heads but ive only seen Garg eat limbs

Thranduil Greenleaf
11:51:06 AM 05/22/19
Jewwe.... PM sent your way.

01:47:03 AM 05/22/19
Welcome back, Ritz! So good to see you!

 FAQ #12
What are the different talk channels in game/how do I change channel?
Thain enables you to speak on all NWN channels except Shout. The allowed ones are: Whisper, Talk, Party, and DM. If you click in the lower-left of your game screen on the word "Talk" then you can change to another channel. To only change the channel for the text you are about to type precede the text with the "/" and the channel abbreviation (given in parentheses below).

(/t) Talk text is the most common, and is used to talk to people in your vicinity.

(/w) Whisper text will only be heard by those close to you.

(/p) Party chat will be heard be all you are partying with, no matter the distance. Using this could be considered metagaming if there's no way your character would be able to talk to the recipient. Please note DMs all receive party messages as well, so please keep OOC chat to a minimum and don't be offended if a DM asks you to quiet down a little.

(/dm) The DM channel sends message straight to the DMs. You won't be able to see your own message, but it will be sent. If there are no DMs logged in, no-one will get your message. Use this channel to report bugs, player griefing, or ask any questions you have about Thain. You can also use it for IC actions, like praying to gods or even speaking the first line of a conversation to an NPC. But please don't spam this channel - if no DM responds then don't repeatedly ask. Also try not to use this channel for general chatty comments to DMs - use the tell feature if you want to for this.

The Shout channel cannot be used by players under any circumstances. DMs will use it to warn of server restarts or very occasionally for server wide events.

(/t or /tp) Tells aren't a channel as such since you have to specify the sole recipient of your message. As a person-to-person communiqué is essentially a private message, Tells are considered out of character and they are by far the best way to chat out of character.

/t "[character name]" = send a tell to [character name] (also done by clicking on the name in the character list of the party window)
/tp "[player name]" = send a tell to [player name] (also done by clicking on the character portrait in the dialogue window)

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