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09:52:20 PM 04/07/20
There is now a portal that you can use to get to the Giant Den from the Hammersong Pass Cave.

06:37:29 PM 04/07/20
Necro Night will start in about 20 minutes!

10:58:58 AM 04/07/20

08:22:35 AM 04/07/20
Blue is friendly, cuddly metallic dragon !

07:15:36 PM 04/06/20

06:43:13 PM 04/06/20
no pls. Am no scary dragon.

04:56:35 PM 04/06/20
Blue wants a metallic fix?

Refuse him!

12:32:15 PM 04/06/20
Renn was in Type O Negative.

10:54:39 AM 04/06/20
Renn glitters in sunlight, true story.

09:05:52 AM 04/06/20
Renn is the OG emo elf.

 FAQ #29
Can my character be from Thain?
We strongly advise against making your first character from Thain, as there are many things a resident of the island would know which you as a player will not. The recommended story is that your character travelled to Thain by boat - if you have another method of recently arriving on the island that better fits your backstory (washing up on shore or some such), that is probably alright so long as it is not too fantastic (ie: "I came from a dimensional wormhole on planet Zarkon.")

If you have a concept that would involve your PC being from Thain, we strongly recommend that you discuss it with the Staff first, to ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge to play such a character.

 Category: Information About Thain

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