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02:50:12 PM 02/20/20
I believe it is a blank space

02:33:15 PM 02/20/20
I'm gonna be at work til 6-7 PST, Am. I can take a look after that. Is the name a blank space or a question mark?

11:37:13 AM 02/20/20
Actually, nevermind.

11:23:43 AM 02/20/20
No real rush.

11:22:56 AM 02/20/20
@Falkala. I am still getting the "this character was created by someone else... log in with that player name to use this character" message.

04:33:54 AM 02/20/20
Lom = Evendithus.

04:33:40 AM 02/20/20
Darn, Lom beat me to my post. Could I ask a moderator to kindly move my latest post in Enter the Void to precede Lom's two.

09:39:35 PM 02/19/20
*waves to Am! *

08:59:28 PM 02/19/20
Hey Am! I'm at work at the moment, but are you getting kicked again? I thought our last fix stuck

07:13:47 PM 02/19/20
Falkala... if you see this... any chance you can help me get my doppelganger sorted in-game? Many thanks!

 FAQ #56
What does it mean to respect the Setting of Thain?
Interactions with the Setting/Server

-Do not assume that just because your character(s) are mechanically able to defeat guards/citizens of a particular faction that you have gained any measure of control or influence over that faction unless a DM is present in an active event and in some way indicates such.

-Do not assume that any named NPC would react to your character, even if you have had prior interaction with them via DMs. You are free to talk to named NPCs. You are not free to have them respond to you. This rule applies both in game and on the forums.

-Players are allowed to create their own named NPCs for player events using available tools like summons, within reason. These NPCs should not speak for large existing Thain factions, but can be used to add flavor or color to the world. These NPCs should not be used to confer some status or reward within a faction to your character. Good examples might include a guard, a commoner, an off-island emissary, or a lost spirit with a story to tell. Tips for setting up encounters like this can be found here: -Clickedy-

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