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11:34:45 PM 08/23/19

11:27:05 PM 08/23/19
I'd be mad, but animating the corpse of your one daughter to kill your other daughter is about as drow as it gets.

11:21:26 PM 08/23/19

Warlord Kro
11:09:21 PM 08/23/19

11:06:06 PM 08/23/19

04:16:39 PM 08/23/19

03:55:03 PM 08/23/19

05:38:05 PM 08/22/19
After getting behind on Nature Night posts again, I have just finished the write-ups on the last three that I ran.

08:49:40 PM 08/20/19
@Eijji I now like both of those songs better. This should be a wedding song.

03:57:43 PM 08/20/19
@Eijji that is genius but I will probably have that song in my head all day at work and for that you may have to pay..

 FAQ #34
I've just been warned about HIPS spamming, what is this and why's it bad?
HIPS (Hide in plain sight) spamming is repeatedly using HIPS to disengage from combat and then re-engage and get in a sneak attack before disengaging rapidly again. This would be fair play were it not for the way Bioware handle spot/listen checks. As it is critters only roll these checks once a round, whereas HIPS spamming requires several rolls a round. To prevent abuse of this we ask that players play fair and do not engage/disengage HIPS more than once a round (6 seconds) to allow for the proper detection rolls from monsters/other players.

For example you can:

-Enter stealth - you can now do anything that wouldn't cause you to leave stealth, but you must wait 6 seconds before..
-Attacking/leaving stealth - you can now do anything that wouldn't cause you to enter stealth, but you must wait a further 6 seconds before...
-Entering stealth again.

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