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11:34:45 PM 08/23/19

11:27:05 PM 08/23/19
I'd be mad, but animating the corpse of your one daughter to kill your other daughter is about as drow as it gets.

11:21:26 PM 08/23/19

Warlord Kro
11:09:21 PM 08/23/19

11:06:06 PM 08/23/19

04:16:39 PM 08/23/19

03:55:03 PM 08/23/19

05:38:05 PM 08/22/19
After getting behind on Nature Night posts again, I have just finished the write-ups on the last three that I ran.

08:49:40 PM 08/20/19
@Eijji I now like both of those songs better. This should be a wedding song.

03:57:43 PM 08/20/19
@Eijji that is genius but I will probably have that song in my head all day at work and for that you may have to pay..

 FAQ #1
What is 'muling'? Is it allowed on Thain?
'Muling' means transferring items or gold gained by one of your characters to another one of yours, either by putting them on the ground and switching to the other char, or by letting another PC or NPC merchant hold them for you.

It is not allowed on Thain, as it confers an unfair advantage to starting characters of older players to those of fresh ones. Making up a role-playing story to explain an item transfer does not make it allowed. If you think you have an important reason for an item transfer, ask a DM about it.

And remember while in-character gifts are permissible between characters of different players, please keep them level appropriate.

Last updated: 11-November-2012.

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